Destiny 2 Still Has A Major Story Clarity Problem In Season Of The Witch

Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch Story Fails to Clearly Convey Important Plot Points

Warning: Spoilers for the conclusion of the Season of the Witch’s story to follow.

The conclusion of Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch left players with high stakes and unexpected twists. Eris Morn resisted the temptation to become the Hive God of Vengeance and instead severed the immortality of Xivu Arath, the Hive God of War. Meanwhile, Savathun, the Hive God of Cunning, returned and offered an alliance with the Guardians. However, the storytelling in Destiny 2 continues to fall short, as crucial plot details are left out or poorly conveyed.

The Problem with On-Screen Storytelling

Throughout the Season of the Witch, Destiny 2 introduced captivating character conflicts and struggles. However, Bungie struggles to effectively present these events on-screen. The final cutscene of the season, for instance, abruptly leaves out crucial information, leaving players confused. The subsequent exposition by Ikora Rey summarizes important events that should have been shown rather than told.

Moreover, the return of Savathun, one of Destiny’s most intriguing villains, is presented as an afterthought in a post-mission summary. The lack of clarity undermines the depth of the story that Destiny 2 aims to tell.

Incomplete Storytelling and Missed Opportunities

Destiny 2 has a habit of leaving important story elements off-screen, forcing players to seek out additional lore books and flavor text for context. While this gives players the option to delve deeper into the story, it shouldn’t be a requirement to understand the main plot.

A prime example of this is Eris Morn’s storyline in the Season of the Witch. The decision to wield Hive magic and the consequences of that choice should have been more prominent in the on-screen narrative. The potential corruption of Eris and the high stakes involved should have been conveyed with more clarity.

The Lightfall Campaign’s Lack of Clarity

The Lightfall campaign further exemplifies Destiny 2’s struggle with storytelling. The final moments of the campaign leave players confused about the purpose of the Witness, the Veil, and the threat posed to the Traveler. The lack of explanation and clarity resulted in a disappointing campaign for fans and critics alike.

Progress and Potential for Improvement

While Destiny 2 has made some improvements over time, particularly with the Season of the Witch, there is still work to be done. Bungie has added additional dialogue between characters to mitigate the issue of important events happening off-screen. However, players should not be required to engage in external sources to fully understand the main story.

Destiny 2 has a complex and dense storyline, but it is the responsibility of the developers to convey that complexity in a clear and accessible manner. Without proper on-screen storytelling, the depth and potential of Destiny 2’s narrative remain untapped.