No, it’s not your imagination – Assassin’s Creed Mirage includes a cat with the Assassin’s Emblem on his nose

No, it’s not your imagination – yes, there is a cat in Assassin’s Creed Mirage that has a very deliberate Assassin’s Emblem on his snout.

Even more amazingly still, the cat isn’t even a work of fiction created by the dev team. It turns out that a fan shared an image of the sweet kitty after he “recently crossed the rainbow bridge” and after bringing him to the attention of the team and offering “coffee and Timbits” to any dev prepared to immortalise the cat in the game, it seems Ubisoft did precisely that.

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“Am I reaching at straws here or?” asked suckashelfboi101 on the game’s subreddit, seeking assurances that they weren’t just seeing things. “Is this cats face supposed to look like the Assassin Emblem or what because it’s all I can see. Maybe something the devs put in for fun?”

It was then that moderator Treviso confirmed that the cat was real, and shared with us a screenshot of a message from Facebook that seemingly caught Ubisoft’s attention.

Am i reaching at straws here or? (No spoilers in the photo as far as I’m aware but I still put a spoiler just in case).
byu/suckashelfboi101 inassassinscreed

“Prose, goes the old Orwell quote, should be like a windowpane. Not sure I agree with that all the time, and actually, I’m not sure that Saint George agreed with it all the time either. But for a game like Assassin’s I’ve realised that design formula, the ludic equivalent of prose, really does work a bit like a window pane in its best moments,” Donlan wrote in the Eurogamer Assassin’s Creed Mirage review, which secured four stars out of five.

“Through the warmth of familiar rituals returning after those bigger, rangier games, I get to see what’s really special about this series, what it takes to create, perhaps, and what it can give us in return.”

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Image credit: suckashelfboi101 / Ubisoft