The mClassic Nintendo Switch Graphics Upscaler Is On Sale Today Only

The mClassic: The Must-Have Gaming Accessory for Retro Games

The mClassic is an exceptional gaming accessory that every retro gaming enthusiast should consider. Created by Marseille, this plug-and-play dongle is designed to enhance the resolution of your games. It is particularly beneficial for older consoles like the GameCube, Nintendo 64, and Super Nintendo. Furthermore, it provides a slight visual upgrade for Nintendo Switch games, making it a versatile accessory for modern Nintendo titles as well.

For a limited time, the mClassic is available at a discounted price of $80 (previously $100) on Amazon. Don’t miss out on this amazing Amazon Lightning Deal, ending on October 7 at 8:10 PM PT / 11:10 PM ET.

As mentioned, the mClassic is also an excellent accessory for retro gaming on modern TVs. If you want to enjoy consoles like the GameCube, Super Nintendo, or N64 without a CRT TV, the mClassic is the ideal choice. Even retro consoles without HDMI ports can be utilized with the mClassic by using an HDMI adapter.

While we have found the mClassic to work wonderfully with the Switch and retro Nintendo consoles, the performance may vary based on the specific combination of console and TV. Nevertheless, regardless of the console you play on, the mClassic will undoubtedly improve the display of retro games with crisper textures and a clearer picture, making them highly enjoyable on modern TVs.

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