Alan Wake And Michael Myers Join Fortnite For Its Annual Halloween Event

Fortnite Unveils Spooky Halloween Event with Iconic Characters

Get ready for the annual Fortnite Halloween extravaganza called ‘Fortnitemares’, where players will be thrilled to encounter some beloved horror characters.

Original Characters:

  • Wrapped Rapscallion Seth
  • Muckfish Bogstick
  • Meownstrosity Phantom Meowscles
  • Nautilus Festival Phaedra

The selection of original characters is certainly unique and intriguing.

Familiar Faces:

Fans of horror classics will be delighted to see some familiar faces joining the event:

  • Jack Skellington from A Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Michael Myers from the Halloween franchise
  • Alan Wake from, well, Alan Wake (possibly from Alan Wake 2)

Each character will bring their own distinct themed items and emotes. Watch out for the unforgettable animation of Michael Myers playing piano with a knife!

New Items:

The event also introduces exciting new items, including:

  • A witch’s broom
  • A pumpkin launcher
  • Sanguine sweets
  • A wood stake shotgun

Which of these outfits catch your interest? Share your thoughts on Fortnite’s thrilling additions in the comments below.