Bowser isn’t up to the tusk of wooing elephant Peach in this Super Mario Bros Wonder animation

Nintendo has released a delightful new promo for the highly anticipated game, Super Mario Bros. Wonder. The video showcases Bowser attempting to impress Princess Peach with a single flower. However, their attention is quickly diverted when they encounter one of the game’s elephant power-ups. Unable to resist the allure of transforming into a trunk-swinging, water-spraying mammal, Peach consumes the power-up, leaving Bowser utterly astonished. But to everyone’s surprise, Bowser presents Peach with an even larger bouquet of flowers, defying expectations and adding a touch of sweetness to the storyline.

In my head, Jack Black is singing ‘Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches, Peaches’…

The wait is almost over for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, where players can experience the thrill of embodying an elephant (or a Drill). The game is set to launch on October 20th. For those attending EGX this weekend, there will also be an opportunity to get a taste of the game. Our preview by Donlan revealed the game’s charm and humor, stating, “I can’t remember the last Mario game that made me laugh as much, or the last Mario game that made me question basic Mario lore, if such a thing exists…the game wants you to feel lost in an ever-shifting sea of gimmickry. And it works.”

For more information on Super Mario Bros. Wonder, check out our interview with the developers who discuss their approach to reinventing the classic side-scrolling formula.