Dead Island 2 Story Expansion Pits Players Against A Malibu Cult Next Month

Dead Island 2 Expands with Haus Story Expansion

The highly anticipated story expansion for Dead Island 2, titled Haus, is set to launch on November 2. This new adventure takes players to unique locations where they must confront a mysterious cult while also battling the relentless zombie apocalypse.

A Haunting Tale of Techno-Death Cults

Haus delves into the realm of techno-death cults led by the enigmatic Konstantin. This deranged cult leader sees these battles as the “paragon of the future,” a chilling belief that sets the backdrop for the thrilling storyline. The primary setting for this adventure is a Malibu villa, described in a press release as a “deranged labyrinth of biomes where rational architecture is subverted by expanding narrative spaces.”

Your guess is as good as ours as to what that means, but Haus introduces a range of exciting features. Players can expect eight new cards to enhance their gameplay experience along with a selection of fresh weapons. Among the new arsenal are the long-ranged K-Rossbow, perfect for picking off enemies from a distance, and the fiery Hog Roaster, which unleashes devastating flame attacks.

While the developer, Dambuster Studios, has not unveiled a trailer yet, they have offered a glimpse of what’s to come with a series of captivating screenshots that showcase the game’s immersive visuals and intense action.

Unlock the Secrets of Haus

With the release of Dead Island 2 Haus, players will have the opportunity to embark on a nail-biting adventure filled with mystery, suspense, and heart-pounding encounters. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to mark your calendars for November 2.

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