Honkai Star Rail: Best Qingque team comps

Honkai: Star Rail – The Best Team Comps for Qingque

Honkai Star Rail presents players with a vast selection of playable characters, each growing and evolving with each version update. Among these characters is Qingque, a unique 4-star DPS character who can hold her own against some of the more coveted 5-star options. However, to truly unlock her potential, Qingque requires careful investment and the right team composition due to her distinct “gacha” mechanics. This guide will walk you through the best team comps for Qingque in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai Star Rail: Best Qingque Team Comps

Qingque is a formidable 4-star Erudition character known for her exceptional AoE damage. However, her single-target damage should not be underestimated, as Qingque can deliver astounding numbers by enhancing her auto attacks. Qingque’s Skill involves rolling mahjong tiles, requiring players to accumulate skill points and match four identical tiles to empower her next Basic Attack. Given the strategic importance of skill points and setup, it is vital to assemble a team that complements Qingque’s abilities. Here are some characters that synergize well with Qingque:

  • Tingyun: Tingyun is a skill point positive character, enabling Qingque to quickly charge her Ultimate. By batterying teammates and offering Ultimate charge, Tingyun enhances Qingque’s performance. Notably, after Qingque employs her Ultimate, her subsequent Basic Attack receives an empowering boost. Consequently, maintaining Qingque’s Ultimate uptime proves crucial. Additionally, Tingyun generates skill points, facilitating Qingque’s use of the Skill to roll matching mahjong tiles.
  • Pela: As a Nihility character, Pela possesses the ability to debuff enemies with her Ultimate. Similar to Tingyun, Pela generates skill points while rarely needing to use her Skill. Given Qingque’s reliance on skill points, it is advantageous to include supports capable of sustaining Qingque’s skill point-dependent playstyle. Additionally, Silver Wolf considerably diminishes enemy defenses and serves as another exceptional debuffer when the opposing team lacks Quantum weaknesses.
  • Luocha: Among many teams, Luocha stands out as the premier healer for Qingque. Luocha boasts exceptional healing capabilities that do not consume any skill points, making him an invaluable asset for reliably supporting Qingque and the rest of the team. Another noteworthy sustain character is Fu Xuan, who enhances Qingque’s Critical Rate and provides exceptional tanking abilities to safeguard the team.

Armed with these insights, consider trying out the following example teams:

  • Qingque / Tingyun / Pela / Luocha
  • Qingque / Tingyun / Pela / Fu Xuan
  • Qingque / Tingyun / Silver Wolf / Luocha

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