Diablo 4 will be Steam Deck Verified when it comes to Steam next week

Diablo 4 Confirmed to be Compatible with Steam Deck

Diablo 4, the highly anticipated game from Blizzard, is set to launch on Steam in a few days. One burning question on fans’ minds was whether the game would be compatible with the new Steam Deck. Well, we finally have an answer from Blizzard, and it’s good news. Diablo 4 is officially ‘Steam Deck Verified’.

While I personally haven’t played Diablo 4 yet, I can understand the excitement around its compatibility with the Steam Deck. The previous installment of the game was a joy to play on the Nintendo Switch, and having the ability to play it portably was a huge plus.

Adam Fletcher, the global community development director for Diablo, recently responded to fans on social media, confirming the compatibility. He stated, “We can happily say that Diablo 4 will be Steam Deck Verified starting next Tuesday with the launch of the game on Steam and the start of Season of Blood!”

Diablo 4 comes to Steam on the same day its Season of Blood begins.Watch on YouTube

With Diablo 4 being “Steam Deck Verified,” players can hope for a smooth gaming experience on the new device. This verification means that the game is expected to run well on the Steam Deck, avoiding any major issues.

All the details will be revealed when Diablo 4 launches on the Steam Deck next Tuesday, October 17th. This is also the day when the Season of Blood begins in the game, bringing new content such as a vampire hunter quest line, new vampiric powers, and new monster types and variants. For more information on the Season of Blood, check out the discussion here.