Lies of P Guide: How to Defeat Laxasia

Laxasia: The Central Antagonist in Lies of P

Laxasia holds a significant role as one of the primary antagonists in the lore of the game. Her contributions to the chaos in Krat make her a formidable enemy that players must face. To emerge victorious, careful planning and preparation are essential.

Who is Laxasia?

Laxasia serves as one of the biggest foes in Lies of P. She is directly responsible for the current state of Krat, and her ties to the lore make it impossible to skip this encounter. As the last boss before the final confrontation with Simon Manus, defeating Laxasia is crucial to progress in the game.

Considered one of the most challenging bosses in the game, Laxasia’s fight is a significant skill check. Therefore, it is vital to make the necessary preparations before engaging her. This guide will provide you with the strategies needed to conquer this formidable antagonist.

Rewards for Defeating Laxasia

Aside from pushing the story forward, defeating Laxasia offers valuable rewards. One such reward is the Sad Zealot’s Ergo, a rare and powerful material that can be used to upgrade your gear. Though the loot may seem scarce, Ergo is a critical resource in the game that makes the effort to obtain higher-quality versions worthwhile.

Additionally, defeating Laxasia earns you The Complete One achievement, which is necessary to obtain the Platinum Trophy.

Locating Laxasia

Prior to facing Laxasia, you must complete Arche Abbey. Once this requirement is met, head towards the Prayer Room, where you will encounter the Stargazer. Activate the device and proceed to the adjacent room where Laxasia awaits. A short scene will precede the battle.

Fighting Laxasia

Successfully defeating Laxasia requires more than just understanding her attack patterns. Adequate gear preparation is crucial. Here are some recommended items to use for the fight:

  • Weapon Choices:
    • Bone-Cutting Saw: This weapon effectively deals damage and can stagger Laxasia.
    • Greatsword: This weapon is also effective but slower and more challenging to handle against Laxasia.
    • Ranged Weapons: Useful for attacking Laxasia from a distance, but be cautious as she can close in quickly.
  • Strategic Gear:
    • Armor with high resistance to electricity: Important due to Laxasia’s electric attacks.
    • Amulet with the Blue Guardianship effect: Reduces damage from elemental attacks, including electricity.
    • Amulet with the Dancing One’s effect: Increases movement speed, aiding in dodging Laxasia’s attacks.
    • Perfection Grindstone: Upgrades weapons to their maximum level.

It is highly advisable to utilize Acid-based weapons against Laxasia, as she is weak against Acid. The Acidic Crystal Spear and Acid Grindstone can maximize damage potential. Throwing items that deal Acid Damage from a distance can also be effective. Additionally, consider equipping the Aegis Arm, which provides a wide window for executing successful parries.

General Strategies for Fighting Laxasia

Laxasia presents a multi-faceted challenge with her electric-themed attacks and unique mechanics. Here are some key strategies to keep in mind:

  • Beware of the Electric-Charged Attacks: Be cautious of Laxasia’s electric attacks, especially those that touch the ground. These skills leave charged pulses that explode after a short delay. Avoid their range to prevent damage.
  • Don’t Be Fooled by the Long Pauses: Laxasia often takes long pauses before unleashing swing attacks. Do not be tempted to attack prematurely; wait until she completes her moves before making your move.
  • Wait for Her Default Stance: Laxasia assumes her default stance when she places her greatsword on her shoulder. This is an opportune time to strike, but stay cautious as she can quickly unleash another attack.
  • Break the Shield Early On: Laxasia has a shield protecting her from back attacks. Despite the counterintuitive nature, continuously attacking the shield from the start will eventually break it, allowing for back attacks and increased damage output later on.
  • Perfect Guards are Essential: Guarding against attacks is more advantageous than solely relying on dodging, as it allows for immediate counterattacks. Pay close attention to Laxasia’s attack animations and adjust your positioning accordingly. In Phase 2, perfect parries become crucial due to faster attacks and limited dodging opportunities.
  • Break Her Weapon: You can quickly enter Phase 2 by breaking Laxasia’s sword. Execute 40 perfect guards to achieve this, ensuring you maximize your guard windows.

Laxasia’s Attack Patterns

Laxasia primarily employs melee attacks and thrusts, with ranged skills introduced in Phase 2. It’s important to note that she will unleash a final desperate attack before becoming completely staggered in both Phase 1 and Phase 2. Here are her attack patterns and the best ways to counter them:

Phase 1:

  • Standard Melee Strikes: Various melee attacks including slashes, thrusts, and sweeps. Block or dodge to avoid damage.
  • 360 Charged Attack: Begins with a sweeping swing followed by an electrically charged strike. Step back to evade the entire attack range or parry.
  • Uppercut Swing Approach: Swift side-to-side sword swings while advancing. Moving away from her is the best countermeasure, as parrying consecutive hits can be challenging.
  • Lunge: A straightforward melee thrust. Perfect parrying is effective, as it has no electric charge. Follow up with an attack immediately.
  • Kick and Thrust: A close-range kick followed by a lunging sword thrust. Side-stepping will create a larger DPS window as both attacks are forward-focused.
  • Electrically Charged Swing: A wide swing generating electric lines. Reposition behind Laxasia to safely counterattack if her shield has been broken.
  • Electric Ground Slash: Laxasia drags her sword on the ground, electrifying the path. Avoid the electric trail and attack from the side.
  • Sword Rush: Laxasia charges forward with a sword flick. Initiate a follow-up attack to guard or dodge.
  • Leaping Strike: Laxasia leaps into the air and delivers a melee attack upon landing. Wait for her to descend, then guard appropriately.

Phase 2:

  • Electrical Surge: Laxasia charges up and discharges electricity. This unblockable attack requires running away to minimize damage, as the pulse only affects the surrounding area.
  • Electrical Dash: Laxasia dashes with electrical shocks. Continuously follow her path while avoiding the trail she leaves behind to maintain DPS.
  • Aerial Electric Shot: Laxasia leaps and fires a ranged electric projectile. Patiently block or dodge her attacks while keeping an eye on her. Unleash a flurry of attacks as soon as she lands, but be mindful of the subsequent electric pulse.
  • Lightning Storm: Laxasia generates a storm of aimed lightning…