Mario & Luigi’s New Voice Actor Has Been Revealed

Mario’s New Voice Actor in Super Mario Bros. Wonder Expresses Gratitude

Image: Nintendo

Mario’s new voice actor in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Kevin Afghani, has publicly expressed his gratitude on social media. Afghani, known for his role as Arnold in Genshin Impact, will be voicing both Mario and Luigi in the game.

After a datamine of the retail demo, speculation was running wild about who would be playing the plumbers. The two main contenders were Afghani and Mick Wingert. However, Wingert’s agents denied his involvement in the game, leaving Afghani as the voice of both Mario and Luigi.

Afghani took to Twitter to thank Nintendo and confirm his roles in the game:

“Incredibly proud to have voiced Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. Thanks to Nintendo for inviting me into the Flower Kingdom!”

The trailers and demos for Super Mario Bros. Wonder have already showcased Afghani’s talent as the new voice of the iconic characters. It’s important to note that his role is confirmed only for Super Mario Bros. Wonder, and fans will have to wait to see if he returns for future Mario games or if another actor will voice Wario in WarioWare: Move It!.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be released on October 20th, and fans are eagerly anticipating Afghani’s performance. Congratulations to Kevin Afghani on landing such a prestigious voice-over role.

You can listen to a snippet of Mario’s new voice as he rides the Inchworm Pipe in the video below.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Afghani’s portrayal of Mario so far? Are you satisfied with Nintendo’s choice? Let us know in the comments.