Comprehensive Guide to Defeat the Door Guardian

The Door Guardian: Defeating Lies of P’s Mini-Boss

The Door Guardian is a formidable enemy that players will come across towards the end of the thrilling game, Lies of P. While the challenge may not be immense, it is crucial for players to understand how to overcome this obstacle. Let’s dive into who the Door Guardian is and why it is vital to fight him.

Introducing the Door Guardian

The Door Guardian serves as a mini-boss that guards the entrance to the Arche Abbey. This colossal humanoid creature shares similarities in size with Champion Victor but presents a unique challenge. Though not as tricky as Victor, players must still familiarize themselves with the basic patterns and strategies to stay focused and defeat this minor elite.

Progressing through the Main Storyline

The Door Guardian fight is a mandatory requirement to advance the game’s narrative. The Arche Abbey acts as the gateway to the final boss of the storyline. As players journey through the overrun city of Krat, battling corrupt puppets and contending with various grotesque foes, they must confront and defeat this imposing adversary to proceed.

Reaping Valuable Rewards

Defeating the Door Guardian yields substantial rewards that significantly aid players in their journey:

  • Key to the Arche Abbey: Grants access to the Arche Abbey, where players can explore a new area filled with unique challenges and opportunities.
  • High-Level Alchemist Badge: An essential item to ascend the tower within the Arche Abbey, unlocking new possibilities and important areas for the player’s advancement.
  • Ergo: A valuable in-game resource acting as the currency for acquiring new weapons, armor, and items, helping players enhance their capabilities and resilience.

Where and How to Confront the Door Guardian

The Door Guardian stands at the entrance of the Arche Abbey, serving as the final location in the game. To reach this mini-boss, players must follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Black Seaside: The path to the Arche Abbey begins at the Black Seaside area, fraught with dangers, enemies, and obstacles.
  2. Ascend the Ascension Bridge: The Ascension Bridge marks a crucial point in the journey, requiring players to overcome potential enemy confrontations along the way.
  3. Proceed to the Arche Abbey: Continue the route towards the Arche Abbey and take the stairs located at the outer walls of the Abbey, leading to the chamber where the Door Guardian awaits.

Preparing for the Encounter

As players approach the Arche Abbey, they will encounter various enemies, including a giant Scorpion-like creature and smaller pests near the towers. It is important to clear out these minor enemies beforehand to minimize distractions and damage during the encounter. Failure to eliminate them may result in their joining forces with the Guardian. Additionally, players should ensure their characters are adequately prepared for the upcoming battle. Equipping the most powerful weapons and armor and enhancing weapons with fire will provide a tactical advantage.

Best set to use against the Door Guardian:

  • Weapon: Bone-Cutting Sawblade +10 & Big Pipe Wrench Handle
  • Legion Arm: Aegis
  • Amulets: Patience, Strength, & Blue Guardianship
  • Frame: LADA F150 Converter
  • Cartridge: Large Capacity Insulation
  • Liner: Workshop Union Certified

Understanding the Door Guardian’s Attack Patterns

In the midst of battle, it is crucial to be aware of the Door Guardian’s attack patterns to effectively counter them. Here are the notable patterns:

  • Rolling Attack: The Door Guardian rolls towards you. Swiftly move to the side or block to evade the attack.
  • Fury-Elbow Drop: A powerful attack where the Guardian glows red, slams on its side, and follows up with a side and forward roll. Dodge the initial attack to the right and wait for the combo to complete before moving.
  • Left-Arm Slam: The Guardian raises its deformed arm before slamming it into the ground, opening an attack opportunity.
  • Right-Arm Swipe: The right arm winds up and sweeps across the battlefield in a large arc. Keep your distance to avoid potential slams.
  • 2-Arm Swing Combo: A sequence where the left arm swings followed by a right swing. Prepare to run in for a quick hit when the second swing begins.
  • Stomp: When the Door Guardian raises its leg, quickly move back to avoid getting stomped on.
  • Somersault: The boss may pull its right arm back, leap towards you, and slam down with the left. Dodge or run to the right to evade.
  • Full Slam: If both arms are raised, they will slam down in front of the Guardian, potentially knocking you down. Keep your distance or dodge to the side if possible.
  • Fury Attack: The most dangerous move, characterized by its unpredictability. Dodging attacks is more advisable than attempting perfect blocks.

Note: The Door Guardian telegraphs its attacks, providing opportunities to move out of harm’s way. Some attacks cannot be parried, so beware and prioritize avoiding unnecessary damage.

Formulating a Strategy Against the Door Guardian

Here are some effective strategies to employ when facing the Door Guardian:

  • Applying Fire: Enhance your weapon with fire as you enter the arena. This corrodes the Door Guardian’s flesh, giving you an edge during the battle.
  • Targeting the Leg: Concentrate your attacks on the Door Guardian’s exposed right leg, the vulnerable point that can be damaged. Avoid attacking the armored leg as it will yield minimal results.
  • Strafing and Baiting: Maintain a medium to far distance from the Door Guardian, strafing around while baiting its attacks. Watch out for attack animations with long pauses.
  • Emphasizing Staggering: Focus on staggering the Door Guardian to cause it to fall. Build up charged RT/R2 attacks gradually to stagger the Guardian in two or three strikes.
  • Delivering Fatal Attacks: When the Door Guardian is staggered and falls forward, move quickly and position yourself to the right of its head for a devastating attack. Repeat this process 2-3 times.

Post-Door Guardian: Exploring the Arche Abbey

After successfully defeating the mini-boss, players can immediately enter the Arche Abbey. Inside, they will encounter new enemies and discover exciting items, potentially acquiring powerful gear before facing the final boss. Alternatively, players can return to the safe zone to upgrade their sets before venturing into the high-level area.