Grab Up To 20 Mystery Steam Games For $13 At Fanatical

Fanatical has introduced an exciting offer called the Marvelous Mystery bundle, which includes up to 20 mystery Steam keys and a chance to win additional games, all for just $13.

The bundle starts at $1 for a single key and goes up to $13.49 for 20 games. The exact games included in the bundle are a mystery, but the store description promises over 240 options ranging from “action-packed AAA blockbusters to hidden indie gems.” With such a diverse selection, there’s something for every gaming enthusiast. Each key purchased in a bundle will be unique, ensuring that you won’t receive duplicates of the same game (although buying multiple bundles may result in some repetition). Additionally, each purchase of the Marvelous Mystery bundle comes with a 5% off coupon code for a future Fanatical purchase.

In addition to the games and coupon codes, there’s an exciting chance that the Marvelous Mystery bundle may also include a package of five brand-new AAA games. Unfortunately, the specific titles of these extra games are not listed in the bundle’s description, adding an element of surprise and anticipation.

If you’re feeling lucky, head over to Fanatical and take a chance with the Marvelous Mystery bundle. Alternatively, if you prefer to purchase specific games, Fanatical offers a variety of standard bundle deals. One notable option is the Platinum Collection, where you can create a customized pack of up to seven games, such as Fallout 4, The Evil Within 2, or Pathologic 2, all for $20 or less.

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