How to farm in Harvest Island

How to Farm in Harvest Island

In Harvest Island, farming crops is a crucial mechanic of the game. Whether you’re growing crops for food recipes or for offering to the Gods, learning how to farm properly is essential. Here’s a guide on how to farm in Harvest Island.

Planting Your Crops in Harvest Island

To start farming crops, you need to plant them using seeds. In Harvest Island, you can purchase seeds from the shop using “bless”. Go to the God Statue in the middle of your farm and select “Shop”. Buying seeds requires only a small amount of bless, and you have control over which crop you want to farm. Alternatively, you can use Dung and bless to create a mystery seed, which will grow a random vegetable.

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Equipped with your seeds, go to the small gardening patch located to the right of your house. Press ‘X’ to open your equipment panel, select the seeds you want to grow, and interact with the patch to plant them. You have the flexibility to choose which crops to grow.

Once planted, remember to water your crops daily for them to grow. To obtain water, go to the well and draw up 30 loads. Press ‘X’ to open the equipment panel again and interact with the crops to water them. It’s important to note that when it’s raining, the plants will be automatically watered.

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Harvesting Your Crops in Harvest Island

After about a week of consistently watering the plants, they will be ready to be harvested. Interact with the crops to harvest them and you will obtain about half a dozen of the crop, making the wait worthwhile. Once harvested, the crops will remain in the patch and continue to produce as long as you keep watering them.

While there is no penalty for not watering your crops, their growth and production will be halted. If desired, you can use the sickle to dig up a crop and plant a new one of your choice.

If you need more space to grow crops, you can build an upgrade. Although it may be a bit costly, you will obtain all the necessary items after a focused expedition. The upgrade panel for the gardening patch is located right outside it.

We hope this guide has cleared up any confusion and that your harvest in Harvest Island will be bountiful! For more helpful tips and guides on Harvest Island, visit PC Invasion.