How to complete The Hammer Falls quest in Starfield

Complete The Hammer Falls Quest in Starfield

It’s time to take responsibility for the fate of the farmers by confronting the person responsible. However, be prepared to face tough choices that will shape your path as a Ranger moving forward. Here’s a guide on how to complete The Hammer Falls quest in Starfield.

Ron Hope: Keep his secret, accept his bribe, or kill him?

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After discovering that Ron Hope is the one responsible for the destructive plans of the First Cavalry that ruined the lives of the farmers, you’ll need to return to Hopetown (Polvo, Valo system) to confront him. Paxton Hull has provided you with the evidence. Although Hope initially denies the accusations, he’ll try to convince you to let him off the hook and even offer a substantial “reward” for your cooperation. You have three options: keep his secret, accept his bribe, or kill him after his attack when you refuse to back down.

Starfield – The Hammer Falls: All choices

Starfield The Hammer Falls Ron Hope
Image: Bethesda
  • Keep Ron Hope’s secret: By accepting Ron Hope’s promise to stop his scheme, you make the worst decision that leads to negative outcomes.
  • Accept his bribe: If you compromise your morals to protect Hope, you can accept his “reward” of 20,000 credits. However, your companions will disapprove, so make sure to separate from them before approaching Hope.
  • Kill Ron Hope: If you want to be the righteous hero, taking vengeance on Ron Hope is the only option. Unfortunately, he won’t go down without a fight, so prepare to end his life. Your companion will appreciate your uncompromising morality.
Starfield The Hammer Falls Birgit
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Once you’ve dealt with Ron Hope, return to Akila City and have a conversation with Marshal Blake. Before that, engage in some role-playing by talking to Birgit McDougall. You’ll also learn about Hope’s successor, Elen Nwanko.

Starfield The Hammer Falls Marshal Blake
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Visit Akila City next, where Marshal Blake will inquire about the events of the first part of The Hammer Falls quest. Depending on your previous choice, you’ll either have to lie or tell the truth, including Ron Hope’s death.

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Regardless of your response, you’ll be rewarded with the rank of Ranger. You’ll also receive the Star Eagle Starship, Ranger Spacesuit, Helmet, Power Pack, Justifier Shotgun, Ranger Duelwear, and a Freestar Ranger Badge. Well done, Ranger! You made the right call, and we hope you continue to excel.