The Analogue 3D Plays Nintendo 64 Games At 4K Resolution, Releasing Next Year

Analogue Expanding Retro Gaming Lineup with New 3D Device for Nintendo 64

The Analogue Pocket, beloved for its ability to play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games, is now set to conquer the Nintendo 64 catalog with the upcoming Analogue 3D. While details are scarce, Analogue has shared a teasing image of what seems to be a sleek and faithful recreation of the Nintendo 64 controller.

According to Analogue, the 3D device will boast impressive features like 4K HDMI output, the proprietary Analogue OS, wireless Bluetooth, and 2.4G Wi-Fi. Additionally, it will support “4 original-style controller ports,” allowing players to use their original Nintendo 64 controllers. Analogue also promises “incomprehensibly profound Original Display Modes” thanks to the 3D’s 4K output. As part of a collaboration with 8BitDo, a wireless controller for the 3D will also be released.

While preorders for the 3D are not yet available, Analogue anticipates a 2024 release. Given the high demand for the Pocket, it’s recommended to plan on preordering the 3D as soon as it becomes available.

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