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Lords of the Fallen Update Today: Some Bosses Are Now More Difficult

Hexwork, the developer of Lords of the Fallen, has released a new update for the game that aims to address performance issues and make certain boss battles more challenging. The update, version 1.010, is available for all platforms.

Lords of the Fallen falls into the Soulslike genre, which is known for its high level of difficulty. Players must carefully plan their moves as they progress through the game’s levels. This reboot of the original 2014 game shares similar gameplay mechanics with other popular Soulslike titles, such as Lies of P.

The latest update introduces changes to specific bosses in the game. The first boss affected is the Spurned Progeny, a mid-game boss found in the Upper Calrath. This boss will now relentlessly perform combo attacks, regardless of the player’s actions. The second boss affected is a trio of secret bosses located in the Umbral Realm’s arena. According to the patch notes, these bosses have become even more dangerous and are no longer susceptible to being trapped in the arena’s columns, making them more challenging to defeat.

While some bosses have become tougher, others have received nerfs. Several enemies in Lords of the Fallen, such as Scarlet Shadows and zombified enemies, have had their damage output reduced. The Charred Spirits, among other walking corpses, have also seen a decrease in damage.

Lords of the Fallen Patch Notes Adds Gameplay Improvements

In addition to balancing boss difficulty, the latest patch for Lords of the Fallen includes various gameplay improvements and adjustments to the user interface (UI).

Sentry Reporting Tool Issues Fixed

  • A crash that occurred when removing an item from the inventory while filtering out categories, such as non-existent DLC items, has been fixed.
  • A crash that happened when interacting with NPCs, particularly when the character was unready, has been resolved.
  • Clearing of the C++ timer for fog gates has been implemented to prevent crashes.
  • A crash caused by selecting an ammo slot without the correct inventory component has been fixed.
  • A crash that occurred when soulflaying particular entities has been addressed.
  • Setting the description of an item that no longer exists in the inventory, such as DLC items, no longer causes a crash.
  • The payload in the trigger event now functions correctly.
  • An issue where picked up items would disappear during montages has been resolved.

PvP and PvE Adjustments

Hexwork has made adjustments to the player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) aspects of Lords of the Fallen based on observations and feedback from the community. The developers have identified timing issues in matchmaking that often result in “can’t connect” messages and instances of rubber banding during gameplay.

To address these issues, matchmaking rules have been adjusted to prioritize stronger connections between players, even if it takes slightly longer to find a match. Additionally, players with good ping will now be given higher priority to ensure better connection quality during PvP battles. The Orian Protector feature, which caused confusion among players, has been temporarily disabled and will be reworked in the future.

Hexwork also plans to introduce crossplay to Lords of the Fallen once they have gathered sufficient data to ensure stability.

Balancing Updates

The latest patch has implemented various balancing changes, including adjustments to runes and weapon damage.

  • One-handed greatswords’ damage has been tweaked, with a slight increase to the second hit damage for forward heavies to match the weapon’s lower animation.
  • Status effect resistances from rings and runes have been significantly boosted to encourage players to incorporate them into their builds.


  • The moving merchant now sells two copies of the Slave Hunter Dagger to encourage players to experiment with dual wield knives. This weapon is currently one of the strongest in the game.
  • An issue where players could interact with an NPC corpse before meeting the quest requirements has been fixed.