Where To Find Chaos Eyes in Wizard with a Gun

How to Obtain Chaos Eyes in Wizard with a Gun

If you want to upgrade your ammo in Wizard with a Gun, you’ll need Chaos Eyes. However, finding them can be quite challenging if you’re unsure of where to look. Look no further, as we provide you with the necessary information on how to obtain Chaos Eyes in Wizard with a Gun.

Locating Chaos Eyes

Screenshot: PC Invasion

During the early stages of Wizard with a Gun, I discovered that the most effective way to obtain Chaos Eyes is by searching for red Chaos portals. Pay close attention to your map and approach the indicated rings. Be aware that these encounters can be quite challenging for beginners, so ensure that you are adequately prepared. Currently, red Chaos portals are the only known source of Chaos Eyes in the beginning stages of the game.

Once you feel confident enough, you can either shoot the Chaos blob found in the center or step into the circle. This will initiate the Chaos Eye encounter. From my experience, the Chaos Eye’s level is five. Therefore, if your ammo is below level five, I recommend continuing to upgrade before attempting to grind for Chaos Eyes.

Defeating Chaos Eyes

In Wizard with a Gun, the most effective strategy for defeating Chaos Eyes is to utilize lightning strike bullets to inflict substantial single-target damage. Alternate between the lightning strike and cold bullets while waiting for the lightning strike to recharge.

Another helpful tip is to take cover behind obstacles when Chaos Eye employs its beam attack. Although avoiding this attack may prove challenging, utilizing objects for cover will protect you until the beam assault concludes. Additionally, you can experiment by leading the Chaos Eye towards other enemies, allowing both groups to engage each other while you strike from the sidelines.

Locating Chaos Eyes in The Fells

Once you have completed the initial area and unlocked The Fells, Chaos Eyes will appear more frequently. In order to find them in The Fells, seek out pink Chaos portals and enter the corresponding rings to initiate the activity.

Unlike the first area, The Fells spawns Chaos Eyes in the final round of pink Chaos portal activities. Therefore, farming Chaos Eyes becomes more efficient in this region.

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