Wizarding Together is Better in Wizard with a Gun – Now Available for Xbox Series X|S

Cooperative Adventuring in Wizard with a Gun

Wizard with a Gun, our sandbox survival adventure game, has just been released on Xbox Series X|S, and we couldn’t be more excited for all you gunmancers out there to join in the fun! Before you embark on your expeditions to conquer enemies, gather loot, and explore The Shatter, we want to give you more details about the cooperative gameplay experience for two players online. With the timer ticking, you and your wizard buddy will need to make some important decisions because death means losing almost everything you’ve collected. But fear not, because teamwork is key, and there are several co-op mechanics in place to optimize your collaboration.

Combine Powers

Magical bullets are crucial for survival in The Shatter. Each bullet possesses a unique effect, and many can be upgraded for greater potency. By having different types of bullets between you and your partner, you can unleash devastating combos. For example, one wizard can cast freezing spells while the other shatters the ice chunk with destructive spells, dealing massive damage together. There are numerous combinations to discover and experiment with, such as oil + fire, electricity + water, and even enchanting and healing.

Protect and Heal

When it comes to healing, if your HP reaches zero, rather than dying outright, you’ll be knocked down. During this state, your partner can help you up, but doing so leaves them vulnerable. Make sure both of you are safe before lending a hand to avoid losing more wizards in the process. We don’t want any unnecessary casualties out there!

Ward Off Evil (When You’re Dead)

If one of you happens to meet their unfortunate demise, don’t worry! Even in death, you can still contribute as a ghost. Ghosts can frighten enemies, causing them to flee in fear. When the game becomes overwhelming for a single wizard, even a small scare can make all the difference between survival and failure.

Rise Again (aka Not Be Dead)

During your exploration of The Shatter, you may come across Resurrection Altars. Legend has it that if a living wizard and a ghost stand within the Altar’s circle, the ghost will be able to return to the realm of the living. Keep an eye out for these Altars on your travels, as they may just save the day.

These are just a few glimpses into the thrilling and sometimes mysterious features that two wizards can utilize together to gain an upper hand against the chaotic evils of The Shatter. We hope you’ll give Wizard with a Gun a shot and thrive alongside your favorite co-op friends on Xbox!

About Wizard with a Gun: Deluxe Edition

Wizard with a Gun: Deluxe Edition, developed by Devolver Digital, includes the base game and the Gunmancer Pack, which features the Dream Projector building recipe, Arch Wizard outfit, and Dandy outfit. For the price of $29.99, you’ll have everything you need for an enhanced gaming experience.

About Wizard with a Gun

Wizard with a Gun, brought to you by Devolver Digital, is an online sandbox survival game designed for 1-2 players. Set in a magical wilderness teeming with dangerous creatures and arcane mysteries, this game offers you the chance to embark on a journey alone or with a friend. Collect, craft, and customize your wizard as you navigate through the unknown. Be mindful of the powerful magic you wield, as it may escalate beyond your control. Carefully craft weapons, bullets, and furnishings for your tower home, and strategize with your co-op partner to build the ultimate defense against the perils that await.

Highlighted Features

  • Magical Weapon Customization: Gather resources and craft unique enchanted ammunition for your arsenal of guns. Experiment with different elements to alter the shot, blast radius, bullet trail, and even the status of your target.
  • Customized Whimsical Wizards: Express your creativity by designing a dazzling wardrobe for your magic wielder. From robes and hats to armor and accessories, your look will be functional and fashionable.
  • Randomly Generated Biomes: Explore and uncover new sections of the world, including deserts, swamps, tundra, and prairies. These biomes exist cosmetically together, thanks to the world’s fractured state. Harness cosmic power to reset and rediscover familiar lands.
  • Cooperative Adventuring: Choose to journey alone or team up with a wizard friend in online cooperative play. Combine resources, magic, and creativity as you build your tower together. The choice is yours, whether to thrive or watch it all burn down.
  • Systemic Gameplay: Experiment with spell combinations and observe their effects on enemies and the surrounding world. Discover the most powerful arrangements to overwhelm your foes, but be cautious as some combinations may bring disaster.

Join the enchanting world of Wizard with a Gun and unlock the full potential of your wizardry. The game is available for $24.99.