Web Grabber is the most useful gadget to upgrade in Spiderman 2

In Spiderman 2, Web Grabber Reigns Supreme as the Best Gadget

Insomniac Games knows that Web Grabber is the ultimate gadget in Marvel’s Spiderman 2, and it’s no surprise that the community agrees. As an early unlock for those who pre-ordered the game, Web Grabber should be your go-to tool as soon as it becomes available.

Why is Web Grabber the best gadget in Marvel’s Spiderman 2?

Image: PC Invasion

Web Grabber dominates the battlefield by effortlessly grabbing up to four nearby enemies (upgradable to six) and pulling them together into a single area. In a game that delivers non-stop waves of enemies, this gadget is the ultimate crowd-control tool.

When all the enemies are gathered, that’s the opportune moment to utilize powerful area-of-effect attacks like Venom Smash and Spider Rush. These abilities deal massive damage to multiple enemies at once.

Upgrading Web Grabber takes its effectiveness to even greater heights after collecting Tech Parts. The upgrades allow you to pull in environmental objects that inflict additional damage on the gathered enemies, attract more enemies, and even use the Web Grabber as an electric projectile after releasing it.

If we’re being honest, the second-best gadget in Spiderman 2 is undoubtedly the Web Shooters, particularly when paired with top-notch Suit Tech upgrades. They excel at swiftly eliminating enemies near walls or knocked to the ground. Moreover, a single shot from a Web Shooter can swiftly dispatch a formidable green goon in the late game.

I find myself utilizing all the gadgets in Marvel’s Spiderman 2 due to their usefulness and enjoyment. Upshot is ideal for launching groups of enemies airborne, Sonic Burst effectively knocks enemies away, and while Ricochet Web may not be as impressive, every combat encounter, except boss battles, becomes a breeze with Web Grabber even on the highest difficulty.

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