Analyst Says Sony Could Beat Game Pass With a Multimedia Streaming Service

Microsoft’s Game Pass Faces Potential Challenge from Sony’s Multimedia Streaming Service, Analyst Says

In its bid to dominate the gaming industry, Microsoft has heavily invested in its subscription service, Game Pass, which offers cloud streaming and a vast catalog of over 400 games. However, industry analyst Karol Severin from Midia Research suggests that Sony could potentially overturn Microsoft’s success by launching a multimedia streaming service.

According to Games, Severin highlights Sony’s advantage over Microsoft due to its extensive media empire, which encompasses not only gaming but also film, television, and music. In Severin’s view, a combined offering from Sony that integrates all four entertainment mediums in a subscription-based service could pose a significant competitive threat to Xbox’s cross-platform endeavors.

Severin acknowledges that Sony’s game library alone might not surpass Microsoft’s, and suggests that Sony could only match its gaming capabilities if it were to acquire a company of similar magnitude to Activision Blizzard. However, Severin expresses skepticism about such a possibility, stating that it is unlikely for Sony to make such a substantial acquisition like Take-Two.

While not everyone interviewed by Games shares Severin’s viewpoint, his suggestion implies that Sony could potentially outshine Microsoft by capitalizing on its own strengths and expanding its business through corporate buyouts.