Apex Legends offers another nod to Titanfall with new character Conduit

Respawn Entertainment Introduces New Legend “Conduit” for Season 19 of Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the latest addition to its popular battle royale game, Apex Legends, in anticipation of the upcoming release of Season 19: Ignite. Set to launch on October 31, Season 19 will introduce players to Conduit, a new playable character with an intriguing backstory.

Conduit made her official debut in an animated short film titled “Apex Legends: Stories,” which delves into her origins and adds depth to the game’s lore. Described as a “tiny titan of optimism,” Conduit’s story reveals her connection to Respawn’s beloved Titanfall series. In the animated short, she is shown being saved by a Monarch Titan that sacrifices itself to protect her and her home from destruction.

Years later, Conduit returns to the site of the Monarch Titan’s demise and retrieves its battery remains, which grant her special abilities. Motivated by the hero who once saved her life, Conduit decides to become an Apex Legend, trading her own future to provide for her family.

The official character artwork displays the visible effects of Conduit’s abilities on her body, featuring blue veins resembling lightning that trail up her arm. While specific details regarding her in-game mechanics and similarities to the Titanfall games are yet to be revealed, with only a week until Season 19, fans can expect more information on Conduit soon.

In a surprising turn of events, Respawn recently addressed long-standing matchmaking server issues in Titanfall 2, which led to a resurgence of players flocking back to the game. Furthermore, an update to Apex Legends fueled speculation about a potential Titanfall 3 announcement, as the patch notes included a series of numbers corresponding to the release dates of Titanfall, Titanfall 2, and Apex Legends.

However, it appears that the latest Conduit reveal may provide insights into this teaser, implying that those eagerly awaiting a Titanfall 3 announcement will need to exercise patience.

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