Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi discusses the essence of the series

Final Fantasy Creator Discusses the Essence of the Series

During a Q&A session at the Final Fantasy 14 Fan Fest, Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of the Final Fantasy series, shared his insights on what defines a Final Fantasy game. He emphasized the importance of the development team taking on new challenges, showcasing the latest installment, Final Fantasy 16, as an example. According to Sakaguchi, the essence of Final Fantasy lies in the team’s courage to venture into uncharted territory and build new systems for each new installment. This willingness to take risks ultimately produces a title that truly feels like a Final Fantasy game.

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While acknowledging that creating new and unique experiences is a challenging task, Sakaguchi believes that simply sticking to the same formula would not do justice to the Final Fantasy series. He emphasized the need for each installment to embody a sense of adventure and embrace new challenges, as this is what truly engages players and makes a game feel like a Final Fantasy title. Sakaguchi commended Naoki Yoshida, the director and producer of Final Fantasy 14, for his courage and the myriad challenges he took on in developing Final Fantasy 16, which resulted in a game that truly captures the essence of the series.

Yoshida expressed his gratitude to Sakaguchi for playing the game and assured fans that they would continue to strive for excellence in both the Final Fantasy 16 DLC and future expansions for Final Fantasy 14. Despite facing criticism for its departure from turn-based combat, Final Fantasy 16 drew praise from many players who appreciated its fresh take on series conventions. During previews, Yoshida highlighted the cinematic quality that was established in the first game as the core essence of the series.

At the press conference during Fan Fest in London, Yoshida expressed his gratitude once again to Sakaguchi for playing Final Fantasy 14. He noted the significance of the founder and creator of the franchise recognizing and appreciating the various elements drawn from the franchise’s 35-year history. This recognition serves as a powerful motivation for the development team, validating their efforts over the past decade. Yoshida also shared exciting news about the upcoming expansion Dawntrail, which will introduce the Viper Job and feature a crossover with Final Fantasy 16.