Best Way to Defeat the Lizard in Spider-Man 2

Best Way to Defeat the Lizard in Spider-Man 2

The Lizard is a formidable opponent in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and defeating him requires skill and strategy. In this guide, we will provide the best way to defeat the Lizard and emerge victorious.

Phase 1 – Playing with Combos

During the first phase of the battle, utilize your spider-sense to locate steam vents on the floor. When the Lizard is positioned over a steam vent, use your webshot ability to stun him temporarily. This opens an opportunity for you to unleash powerful combo moves and abilities. Repeat this process twice to deplete his first health bar.

Phase 2 – Using Webshots

As the battle progresses to the second phase, the steam vents become less effective. Instead, keep the Lizard grounded by continuously firing webs at his face. The web shots will adhere to him, leaving him vulnerable to attacks. Use the circle and square buttons in conjunction to dash in with your symbiote claws and deal quick damage before he regains composure.

Phase 3 – Dodging

In the third phase, the Lizard becomes more aggressive. Pay close attention to cues indicating when to dodge or block his attacks. Maintain mobility and avoid getting trapped in corners. Take advantage of any openings to strike him with web shooters.

Phase 4 – Final Act

The final phase of the battle is a relentless assault by the Lizard. Keep an eye on your health and heal as needed by pressing the down button on the d-pad. Utilize all of your upgraded abilities, especially the powerful surge attack. When the Lizard emits a deafening screech, protect your ears immediately to prevent being stunned. Lead him back to any remaining steam vents to stun him one last time. Unleash a flurry of web-shot fueled attacks to finally defeat the menacing Lizard.

By following these strategies, you should be well-equipped to overcome the Lizard in Spider-Man 2. Be sure to explore our other guides, including how to turn off gliding rings, locate all map locations, and switch characters.