IndieLand 2023 Charity Event Is Happening This Week

IndieLand Returns for 2023: A Digital Event Supporting Dementia Research

IndieLand, the annual event celebrating the best indie games and raising funds for dementia research, is back for 2023. This year, the event will be held entirely online, providing gamers worldwide with an opportunity to get involved. The event will run for an entire week, culminating in a thrilling 24-hour, 3-day stream from October 27 to 29.

Midweek Special: Super Beard Bros

Following an exciting opening stream, the next event in IndieLand 2023’s lineup is the Midweek Special featuring the Super Beard Bros. This special stream will commence at 1 PM PDT tomorrow, providing viewers with engaging content and entertainment.

The IndieLand Marathon: A Must-Watch

The main attraction of IndieLand 2023 is the three-day marathon, starting at 12 PM PDT on October 27 and concluding at 10 PM PDT on October 29. The marathon promises an array of special guests, including prominent indie developers and gaming influencers like Tamoor Hussain and Lucy James from GameSpot.

Supporting Dementia Research

IndieLand has been running events since 2018 and is organized by Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil in collaboration with The Open Hand Foundation, a charity dedicated to supporting dementia research. To contribute to the cause, you can visit the event’s donation page. Additionally, streamers interested in helping can set up their own fundraisers to benefit the campaign.

A Showcasing of Indie Games

IndieLand 2023 will feature a diverse lineup of indie games, with the full list available on its Steam page. Many of the showcased games also offer demos, providing gamers with a chance to try them out. The event promises exciting news, as developers frequently join the stream to reveal new features. Sonic Mania team, Evening Star Studio, has announced that IndieLand will debut the first gameplay footage of its upcoming platformer, Penny’s Big Breakaway.

Where to Watch

The official streams for IndieLand 2023 will be hosted on The Completionist’s Twitch channel, ensuring that viewers can easily tune in to enjoy the exciting showcases and gameplay reveals.

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