Apex Legends: All Conduit Abilities, Explained

Conduit: The New Addition to Apex Legends Season 19

If you’re looking for a fresh addition to the Support class in Apex Legends, look no further than Conduit. In this article, we’ll explore Conduit’s abilities and discuss why she has the potential to be an excellent choice for players. Let’s dive right in!

All Conduit Abilities in Apex Legends

As a Support legend, Conduit specializes in team Shields, bringing her bright and infectious personality to the battlefield. With her exceptional technological prowess and strategic mindset, Conduit has the makings of your next main. Let’s delve into her abilities and how they function.

Image: Respawn

Savior’s Speed: Conduit’s Passive Ability

Conduit’s passive ability, Savior’s Speed, proves invaluable when you find yourself trailing behind out-of-range teammates. This ability grants Conduit a speed boost when she sprints towards allies who are out of range from her Tactical ability. It’s particularly useful for catching up to your team and quickly rejoining the action. Staying close to your teammates is essential for maximizing the benefits of Savior’s Speed.

Radiant Transfer: Conduit’s Tactical Ability

Among Conduit’s repertoire, Radiant Transfer shines as her best ability. By utilizing Radiant Transfer, you can energize your allies, granting them temporary shields to help them endure incoming fire. Simply press the “Q” button during tense combat situations when your teammates are under fire. While these shields are not permanent, they offer crucial protection during critical moments. Remember to stay within range of your allies to provide them with this invaluable boost.

Energy Barricade: Conduit’s Ultimate Ability

Conduit’s ultimate ability, Energy Barricade, serves as a polar opposite to her tactical ability. Activating this ability with the “Z” key allows you to deploy shield jammers that slow down and damage enemies. As these jammers create a line across the battlefield, strategic placement can effectively cut off escape routes, preventing nearby enemies from fleeing. These jammers can even serve as traps, impairing enemies trying to retreat. Keep this ability in mind when anticipating enemy movements and considering ways to gain a tactical advantage.

If you want to experience the excitement of playing as Conduit in Apex Legends Season 19, download the game for free on Steam today!