Diablo 4 DLC Details Potentially Leaked for First Expansion

Blizzard Accidentally Leaks Details about Diablo 4’s First Expansion

Developers at Blizzard seem to have unintentionally leaked information about the alpha build of Diablo 4’s upcoming expansion. Despite the files being encrypted to prevent piracy, the leak has shed some light on what players can expect from the unannounced DLC.

Diablo 4: Lord of Hatred DLC Leaked

The leaked information suggests that the first expansion for Diablo 4 will be titled “Lord of Hatred” and will feature the return of the demon lord Mephisto as a key character. Diablo 2 players will be familiar with Mephisto, the powerful demon who serves as one of the main antagonists in the game. In Diablo 4, Mephisto is trapped in a Soulstone at the end of the main story, but the upcoming DLC will likely focus on his attempt to escape from his magical prison.

The expansion will introduce players to the city of Kurast, which is a familiar location from Diablo 2. Kurast is the capital city of the ancient Kehjistan Empire and serves as the center of Mephisto’s influence in Sanctuary. The leaked files mention various locations within the city, including the Temple City of Travincal from Diablo 2.

In addition to the new storyline and expanded map, the Lord of Hatred DLC will also introduce a new character class called the Spiritborn. This class appears to have a priest-like playstyle and draws power from nature gods. The leak also hints that the Spiritborn class may have the ability to fly. Additionally, the leaked files reveal the existence of several Mercenary characters, which could potentially be hired as allies by players in the upcoming DLC.

Other exciting features that are likely to be included in Lord of Hatred are multiplayer raids and raid bosses. The leaked file names also mention the return of Runestones, a mechanic that was cut from Diablo 4 but may make a comeback in the expansion.