Fans think they’ve found evidence that “some sort of” Dragon Quest announcement is imminent

Eagle-eyed fans have noticed some intriguing clues that suggest a Dragon Quest announcement may be on the horizon. Square Enix producer and director Yosuke Saito recently tweeted about a “fun recording session” at work and hinted at sharing more details once everything is finalized and approved.


What caught the attention of Dragon Quest enthusiasts is the accompanying photo of Saito’s script. Although two blocks of text were purposely hidden on the front page, some legible text in the background has sparked a wave of excitement among fans who can read Japanese. The hidden gem appears to be the name of Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii, along with a partial date in December.

To shed more light on this discovery, Reddit user Pavementt enhanced the image to make the hiragana characters easier to read. They also highlighted the relevant text, providing a closer look for curious eyes. You can view the image and discussion in the thread below:

Possible proof that a Dragon Quest announcement of some sort is imminent.
byu/Pavementt inGamingLeaksAndRumours

While the exact nature of the announcement remains speculative, whether it’s related to Dragon Quest 12 or the long-awaited English-language version of Dragon Quest 10, one thing is clear: more information will be revealed come December. Keep an eye on this space for updates…

Earlier this year, Dragon Quest Treasures made its debut on PC through Steam, including compatibility with Steam Deck. This latest installment of the beloved RPG series, which features improved graphics and frame rate, was previously exclusive to Nintendo Switch.