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The Best Choices After Defeating the Radiant Sentinel Boss in Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen offers non-linearity and a sandbox theme, allowing players to customize their experience and choose their progression route. However, this can sometimes lead to confusion and uncertainty about what to do next. After defeating Judge Cleric and facing the Radiant Sentinel Boss, players may find themselves at a loss for where to go next. This guide will provide the best choices to make after beating the boss, ensuring a smooth progression.

The Radiant Sentinel Boss

Judge Cleric is a mid-game boss encountered when trying to enter Upper Crath. Known for her complexity, she poses a significant challenge for players. Here’s what to expect during this boss fight:

  • Large Health Pool – Judge Cleric has more health than other bosses, making the fight lengthy for those unaccustomed to extended battles.
  • Multiple Phases – The fight consists of two phases, each featuring melee and ranged attacks. Mastering and remembering these moves is crucial for success.
  • High Damaging Abilities – The Radiant Sentinel deals heavy damage, making her one of the toughest bosses in the game due to her extreme durability and high DPS output.

Defeating Judge Cleric rewards players with some of the best gear available. However, the game does not provide clear guidance on what to do next, given its sandbox nature.

What to Do After Defeating the Judge Cleric

After defeating Judge Cleric, players have several options for their next course of action. They can either continue with the main story or focus on other side progressions. Here are the paths to consider:

Go to Upper Crath

The most straightforward choice is to venture into Upper Crath and continue the main story. This area opens up after defeating Judge Cleric and is filled with challenging new foes. Exploring Upper Crath allows players to discover unique weapons, armor, and abilities. Additionally, they will face the Lightreaper boss, another formidable encounter. Expect to encounter enemies like Stone Golems and Shadow Demons in this region.

To reach Upper Crath, head to the Skyrest Bridge. Upon reaching the bridge, turn left and pass through the door. Inside the room, you’ll find a bonfire that serves as a starting point. Proceed through the door on the other side to enter Upper Crath.

Look for Hidden Quests and Collectibles

If there are any missed areas or quests, now is an excellent time to revisit them and complete them. Many hidden places hold secrets and rewards such as new weapons, armor, and abilities. These side quests provide valuable rewards like currency, experience, and items. While some may be challenging, completing them significantly boosts progress through the main story and helps overcome difficult bosses. If you prefer focusing on the main story progression, you can always return to these quests later.

Farm Up and Gear Up

If you find yourself struggling against a particular enemy or boss, consider farming for better gear. If you’re taking too long against Judge Cleric, it’s a sign that you need to improve your equipment. Enemies in Upper Crath are less forgiving, so it’s important to have strong weapons and armor. Farming for gear involves repeatedly defeating enemies and bosses to acquire better equipment. Hidden locations and side quests can also reward you with new gear. Keep in mind that farming can be time-consuming, so focus on it only if you’re genuinely struggling with boss fights.

Explore Axiom and Umbral

Regardless of the chosen path, it’s essential to explore both Axiom and Umbral. These realms of the living and the dead offer various collectibles and rewards that aid in character progression. Alternating between these places ensures that you acquire all potentially essential items and armor.