Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Get Hosidius Favour

How to Gain Hosidius Favour in Old School RuneScape

When the Great Kingdom of Kourend was introduced into Old School RuneScape, it brought along a unique favour system for each city. Gaining favour is necessary to unlock the benefits and rewards of the different cities. In this guide, we will focus on gaining Hosidius favour and provide some tips and tricks to make the process smoother in Old School RuneScape!

How to Get Hosidius Favour in Old School RuneScape

Gaining favour in Hosidius involves completing various tasks that contribute to your overall favour. Depending on your current favour level, certain tasks will be available for you to undertake. Once you reach 100% favour, you won’t have to worry about it depleting anymore. Let’s take a closer look at each stage of gaining Hosidius favour:

0% – Ploughing the Fields

When starting at 0% favour, your first task is to plow the fields located southeast of the main city area. Make sure to have a hammer in your inventory or pick up the one that spawns on the south side of the area. Find a plow and push it back and forth in a straight line. This repetitive task will grant you random 10 Farming experience points. Occasionally, the plow will break, and you’ll need to repair it with a hammer. While this task can be tedious, you only need to reach 5% favour to move on.

5% – Making Sulphurous Fertiliser

To make Sulphurous Fertilizer, which is required to gain Hosidius favour, you need to combine Saltpetre with Compost buckets. Collect Saltpetre manually using a spade from the various deposits located east of the Woodcutting Guild. When one deposit is depleted, another becomes available. Deposit the Saltpetre in the nearby Bank Deposit Box for easy access. Compost can be purchased from sources like the Grand Exchange or Farming shops. Combine Saltpetre and Compost at a bank to create Sulphurous Fertilizer. The Clerk will take all the Sulphurous Fertilizers from your bank, so only one trip is necessary. You’ll need around 950 buckets of Sulphurous Fertilizer to reach 100% favour, each bucket contributing 0.1% favour. Buying the materials from the Grand Exchange will cost approximately 30k coins.

20% – “The Depths of Despair” Quest

Once you reach 20% Hosidius favour, you can complete “The Depths of Despair” quest, which is unique to the Hosidius city. Completing this quest will reward you with a Hosidius favour certificate, granting an additional 10% favour.

45% – The Mess Hall

At 45% favour, you gain access to the Mess Hall where you can cook for Shayzien soldiers. Note that certain Cooking levels are required based on the desired food. Rotate between Meat Pie, Pineapple Pizza, and Stew, and cook the soldiers’ preferred dish. Use the cooked food on the buffet to earn favour. While this task is not necessary to reach 100% favour quickly, it provides additional Cooking experience if desired.

65% – Planting Grape Seeds at the Vinery

The final task available for gaining Hosidius favour is planting grape seeds at the Vinery. You require 36 Farming to do this task. With Saltpetre in your inventory, use the provided grape seeds on a vine patch to plant them. Planting grape seeds grants 0.8% favour per seed, making it a faster method.

“The Client of Kourend” Quest Reward

After completing “The Client of Kourend” quest, which is a prerequisite for “The Depths of Despair,” you will receive a certificate granting 20% favour for any Kourend city of your choosing. Using this certificate for Hosidius allows you to access its rewards without the need for time-consuming tasks.

Hosidius Favour Rewards

The main reason to grind for favour in each city is to unlock their useful rewards. Hosidius specializes in agriculture, offering rewards primarily geared towards skillers. Here are the rewards associated with gaining Hosidius favour:

  • 15% – Able to steal from the Fruit Stalls in Hosidius.
  • 35% – Unlocks the Spirit Tree Patch in Hosidius.
  • 50% – The Farming Patch in Hosidius becomes protected from disease.
  • 60% – Unlocks the Farming Guild (requires 45 Farming).
  • 65% – Able to plant Grape Seeds in the Vinery.
  • 75% – Unlocks the Woodcutting Guild (requires 60 Woodcutting).
  • 100% – Unlocks the Tithe Farm minigame (requires 34 Farming) and allows the use of Cooking Ranges in the Mess Hall.

That’s how you can earn Hosidius Favour in Old School RuneScape! If you have any suggestions or input for this guide, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.