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Lies of P’s Walker of Illusions Miniboss Guide

Lies of P features numerous minibosses that players will encounter while exploring the city of Krat. One particularly annoying miniboss is the Walker of Illusions. This guide will provide you with tips and strategies on how to defeat this challenging foe.

The Mysterious Walker of Illusions

The Walker of Illusions is a mysterious entity in Lies of P. This miniboss takes on the form of a random person and can be found in the Collapsing Krat zone. Players have speculated about the origins of the Walker, with some suggesting that it is one of Geppetto’s creations and others believing that it represents the protagonist’s desires and insecurities.

What makes the Walker of Illusions particularly challenging is its fast movement and quick attacks. Additionally, the fight takes place in a close, confined space, making dodging even more difficult. The boss can also create duplicates of itself, further complicating the battle.

Finding the Walker of Illusions

To find the Walker of Illusions in Lies of P, head to the Collapsing Krat zone in the northeastern section of the city. Access this zone through the Collapsing Krat Gate. Once in the Collapsing Krat zone, look for a distinctive blue beacon of light at the center of a towering structure. Scale the tower using the ladders and platforms on its exterior, but be cautious as there are numerous adversaries patrolling the area. The Walker of Illusions awaits you at the summit of the tower.

Rewards for Defeating the Walker of Illusions

Defeating the Walker of Illusions not only progresses the story but also grants valuable rewards. Here are the loot drops for beating this miniboss:

  • Legion Caliber Sword: A melee weapon infused with fire capabilities, ideal for dealing burn damage to fire-vulnerable enemies.
  • Dark Moon Moonstone of the Covenant: A rare material used to craft powerful weapons and armor, enhancing players’ combat effectiveness.

Equipment Recommendations for Fighting the Walker of Illusions

Having the right equipment can make the fight against the Walker of Illusions more manageable. Here are some suggested sets to consider:


  • Puppet String: A sword with the unique ability to damage the Walker of Illusions’ illusions.
  • Flame Grindstone: Enhances your weapon with fire damage, which the boss is weak to.


  • Blue Guardianship Amulet: Increases resistance against the Walker of Illusions’ attacks.
  • Patience Amulet: Enables self-healing to sustain during the intense fight.


  • Patience Wishstone: Helps with restoration in the confined space.
  • Aegis Legion Arm: Provides excellent defense against the boss’ attacks.
  • Legion Magazines: Improve the recharge of the Aegis Legion Arm.


  • Firebombs: Deal direct damage and exploit the boss’ weakness to fire.
  • Ice Bombs: Impede the Walker of Illusions’ movements for more opportunities to attack.
  • Explosive Bombs: Inflict substantial damage on the miniboss.
  • Smoke Bombs: Create a smokescreen to strategically reposition or heal during the encounter.

Exploiting the Walker of Illusions’ Weaknesses

The Walker of Illusions has weaknesses that players can exploit to their advantage. Here are a couple of strategies:

Weakness to Fire Damage:

The Walker of Illusions is susceptible to fire damage. Use weapons and abilities with fire-based attributes to deal more damage. Apply the Flame Grindstone to your weapon for ongoing fire damage.

Weakness to Stun:

Stun the Walker of Illusions with specific attacks to render it defenseless temporarily. Take advantage of this opportunity to land uninterrupted hits. Use abilities like Heavy Blow and Backstab or equip the Seven Coil Spring or Aegis Legion Arm to deliver stunning blows.

Attack Patterns of the Walker of Illusions

The Walker of Illusions has various attack patterns that players need to be aware of:

Phase 1:

  • Sword Slash: A rapid sword attack that deals significant damage. Swiftly dodge or block to avoid taking hits.
  • Spear Thrust: A lunging attack with extended reach. Anticipate the thrust and react accordingly to evade damage.
  • Spin Attack: Spins with an extended sword, creating a wide-reaching damaging effect. Maintain distance or time your dodges precisely.
  • Uppercut: Leaps into the air and slams the sword down, potentially dealing heavy damage and stunning players. Dodge or block with well-timed precision.
  • Illusion Attack: Conjures up to three weaker illusions of itself. Focus on identifying the real threat while managing incoming attacks.

Phase 2:

  • Illusion Barrage: Surrounds itself with duplicates, employing a mix of attacks from Phase 1 and its illusions. Be vigilant in discerning the primary target and reacting to the multifaceted threats.
  • Teleportation: Swiftly warps around the arena, making it challenging to predict the next move. Observe closely and be ready to dodge or block.

Cheese Strategy for Fighting the Walker of Illusion

If you’re desperate to defeat the Walker of Illusion and are willing to sacrifice the enjoyment of the fight, there is a cheese strategy you can utilize. However, note that this tactic takes time and eliminates the challenge. Here’s how to execute the cheese strategy:

Player Requirements:

  • Recharge Amulet
  • Flame Grindstone (optional)
  • Throwables (preferably fire and acid)

Step-by-Step Strategy:

  1. Ascend the tower via the ladder to reach the Walker of Illusion’s location.
  2. Apply the Flame Grindstone to your weapon (optional).
  3. Initiate an attack on the Walker of Illusion once.
  4. Descend the ladder carefully or allow yourself to fall.
  5. Employ the Recharge Amulet to restore your health entirely.
  6. Return to the ladder and ascend once more.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 iteratively until the Walker of Illusion is defeated.

Tips for the Cheese Strategy:

  • If you have throwable items, use them to damage the Walker of Illusion from a distance to avoid its assaults or when approaching becomes challenging.
  • Be patient and proceed methodically. While this tactic may be time-consuming, it provides a secure approach to defeating the Walker of Illusion.