Stellaris – Technology Guide: All You Need to Know

Technology: The Key to Victory in Stellaris

When it comes to the game Stellaris, technology is king. As a player, your success is heavily dependent on your ability to utilize the tech system effectively. By prioritizing research and advancing your empire’s technology, you can ensure that you stay ahead of your rivals and secure victory. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricacies of technology and research in Stellaris and provide you with all the information you need to become a master strategist.

Technology Introduction

Technology, in Stellaris, plays a crucial role in shaping the destiny of your empire. Whether it’s improving your economy, enhancing combat effectiveness, or unlocking new ships and weapons, technology offers a solution to almost every problem you may encounter. Neglecting research and falling behind in the technological race will provide your neighbors with the opportunity to overtake you and wield superior weaponry, making them a formidable adversary.

What is Technology and Research in Stellaris?

Technology encompasses all the projects that can be unlocked in the game, ranging from basic weapons to massive megastructures. It is divided into three research fields: Physics, Society, and Engineering. Each of these fields is further divided into sub-categories, such as Computing, Field Manipulation, Military Theory, New Worlds, Voidcraft, and many more.

How the Game Allocates Technology Projects

Stellaris employs a unique card system to allocate technology projects. Imagine each project as a playing card, and the deck representing all the possible projects. When it’s time to select a project, the game shuffles the deck and presents you with three cards to choose from. Once you complete a project, three new cards are dealt to you. The tier of each card determines its cost and level of advancement. To unlock higher tier cards, you must first research a certain number of technologies from the previous tier.

Research Alternatives

By default, you are presented with three cards to choose from during each selection. However, there are ways to increase this number, such as through certain technologies, civic choices, traditions, and traits. Additionally, permanent alternatives may appear below your hand of cards, offering further choices. These alternatives can be obtained through scanning space debris, special projects, or in-game events.

What do Research Points do?

Research points are spent by your scientists to advance technology projects. The more research points you have, the faster you can unlock new technologies and progress through the game. Prioritizing research and investing in your scientific capabilities will give you a significant advantage over your competitors and pave the way to victory.

Overall, technology and research are essential components of success in Stellaris. By understanding the mechanics of the system and strategically allocating your resources, you can elevate your empire to new heights. With this guide, you now have the knowledge to dominate the technological frontier and emerge as a true Stellaris champion.