How To Find the Crossbow

Screenshot: Dambuster Studios

Unlocking the Crossbow in Dead Island 2 Haus

The Crossbow, a new weapon introduced in the Dead Island 2 DLC Haus, is an effective tool for stealthily eliminating zombies. It proves to be especially useful for taking out a few enemies before engaging in a larger battle.

Unlike most weapons in Dead Island 2, the Crossbow does not appear as loot until a specific stage in the main questline of Haus. Players will only obtain the Crossbow after completing the initial major portion of the Haus DLC. This design choice makes sense as it allows players to utilize the Crossbow to unlock new rooms when revisiting previous areas.

To acquire the Crossbow, players must progress through Haus until they receive the objective to Find the Mysterious Well during the The Invitation quest. This objective takes players into a simulated forest created by the death cult. Before reaching the well, players must ignite two pyres and defeat zombies in an arena. Only then can they proceed to the well.

At this point, players simply need to jump into the well, and the Crossbow, known as the K-Prototype, will be waiting at their feet. Subsequently, players may start encountering other Crossbows from zombies and chests. Upon completing the main questline of Haus, players will also receive a superior Crossbow called the K-Rossbow, surpassing any previously obtained Crossbows.

Optimal Strategies for Utilizing the Crossbow

The Crossbow diverges from other weapons in Dead Island 2, requiring a more cautious and precise approach due to its slow reload speed and limited ammunition. While it inflicts substantial damage with a headshot, it may not be the most reliable option during intense combat situations.

Therefore, the Crossbow is most effective when utilized before entering a combat scenario. Take advantage of the scope to eliminate zombies from a distance. Additionally, if proficient at landing headshots, consider employing the Crossbow against formidable opponents like Crushers to inflict substantial damage. However, exercise caution as mastering its usage necessitates practice and adaptation.