5 best Call of Duty Campaigns

Call of Duty: The Top 5 Campaigns, Ranked

Over the years, Call of Duty has evolved into a dominant force in the gaming industry. Despite mixed reviews from critics, each installment of the first-person shooter franchise has achieved great success. While the multiplayer mode attracts many players, it’s the captivating stories within the games that truly leave a lasting impression. Let’s take a look at the top five Call of Duty campaigns, ranked.

1. Black Ops

Prior to Black Ops, the Call of Duty games followed a simple formula with predictable twists. The protagonist, typically a “good guy,” defeats the “bad guy.” However, Black Ops took a psychological approach, introducing uncertainty about the main character’s true intentions. Set in the Cold War era, players were left questioning whether Alex Mason was truly on the side of good or bad. This game challenged traditional storytelling in the franchise and was a turning point for Call of Duty campaigns.

2. Advanced Warfare

Advanced Warfare marked a significant departure from previous Call of Duty games by venturing into the future. The game explored the possibility of warfare initiated by corporations and arms dealers, providing a unique perspective on modern-day conflicts. Although it takes some creative liberties, Advanced Warfare remains grounded in reality, reminding players that the line between governments and businesses can blur.

5 Best Call Of Duty Campaigns Ranked

3. Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 holds a special place in many players’ hearts, thanks to its unforgettable storyline. The game shocked players with a major plot twist involving Commander Shepard’s betrayal. This revelation challenged the notion of a simple black-and-white conflict and demonstrated that shooters could deliver complex narratives.

5 Best Call Of Duty Campaigns Ranked

4. Modern Warfare 3 (Remake)

I wasn’t particularly fond of the original Modern Warfare 3, as it felt more like an expansion rather than a full-fledged game. However, the remake of Modern Warfare 3 breathes new life into the campaign. With its dark and intense narrative, the remake surpasses its predecessor. The missions are more diverse, and the game blurs the lines between alliances, similar to the Black Ops sub-series. The heightened stakes and morally ambiguous choices make the story even more engrossing.

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5. World at War

The original Call of Duty games portrayed World War II as a heroic journey rather than a dark and harrowing experience. However, World at War took a drastic turn by depicting the horrors of war in a more realistic manner. The missions in the game, particularly those set on the Russian and American fronts, showcased the brutality and emotional toll of combat. World at War is credited for pushing Call of Duty towards greater realism and darkness.

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