How to beat The Bone Zone Level Ball in Vampire Survivors

How to Defeat The Bone Zone Level Ball in Vampire Survivors

Embark on an epic battle against Sketamari, the giant ball of skeletons, in the fiendish Bone Zone challenge stage of Vampire Survivors. This formidable enemy poses a significant challenge, but defeating it will reward you with a crucial Relic that uncovers deeper mysteries within the game.

Unlocking The Bone Zone

Before facing off against Sketamari, you must first unlock The Bone Zone stage. To do this, you’ll need to unlock Hyper Mode for three other stages in the game. Defeat a powerful enemy that appears around the 25-minute mark in stages like Mad Forest and Inlaid Library to unlock them.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Locating Sketamari

Once The Bone Zone is unlocked, navigate your way to Sketamari’s location. You can easily spot Sketamari on your Map by pausing the game and looking for a white question mark. This question mark will move back and forth as you play since Sketamari is in constant motion.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Dealing with Sketamari

Sketamari is a small ball of bones that rolls back and forth across the stage. While it may not appear intimidating at first, Sketamari possesses a unique ability that increases its size and health with each enemy it absorbs. To defeat Sketamari, consider using weapon combinations that offer area-of-effect (AOE) damage. By prioritizing these combinations, you can destroy surrounding skeleton enemies before Sketamari absorbs them, minimizing its health gain and shortening the battle.

Ensure you stay in front of Sketamari to deal consistent damage and prevent absorption. However, maintain a safe distance due to its size, as getting too close can lead to imminent defeat. Alternatively, you can try using a fast-moving character like Red Death to deal quick damage and eliminate Sketamari before it gains more health and mass. Though this strategy isn’t as reliable as gradually wearing it down.

Claiming the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane Relic

After diminishing Sketamari’s health pool, it will be defeated, granting you the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane Relic. This key Relic unlocks the game’s Spell system and Secrets list. Explore the Secrets list to uncover hints for unlocking secret characters like the enigmatic Avatar Infernas.

By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to defeat The Bone Zone Level Ball in Vampire Survivors. While a challenging encounter, the rewards, progress within the game, and personal satisfaction are undoubtedly worth the effort.