Alan Wake 2 Missing Preorder Items Can’t Be Fixed By Remedy

Remedy Addresses Missing PS5 Preorder Bonuses for Alan Wake 2

Remedy, the developer behind Alan Wake 2, has acknowledged that some PlayStation 5 players are experiencing issues with missing preorder items. While the team is unable to fix the problem directly, they have provided a couple of potential solutions. One option is for players to reach out to their local PlayStation Support for assistance.

How to Obtain the Missing Preorder Bonuses

For those who have not received their preorder bonuses for Alan Wake 2 on PlayStation 5, these include the Ornate Revolver skin for Alan, the Survival Resources Pack for Saga, and the Oh Deer Diner Sweater for Saga. Remedy suggests trying the following steps to restore licenses:

  1. Go to Settings > Users and Accounts > Other > Restore Licenses
  2. Select Restore

If restoring licenses does not resolve the issue, players should contact their local PlayStation support through email or live chat. It is worth noting that players who have achieved Tier 4 on the PlayStation Stars loyalty scheme may receive priority customer support when connecting to the live chat queue.

Unfortunately, some players are concerned that they may never receive their preorder bonuses. This is due to difficulties in connecting to live chat or receiving a response through email. Additionally, there are players who do not have access to local PlayStation support. Twitter is no longer a viable option for seeking assistance, and even recruited online support agents may not be able to provide help. Those who have received a response to their email have reported confusion and significant delays.

These disappointing developments follow the recent release of the latest game update for Alan Wake 2. Version 1.000.008 addressed over 200 issues, including progress blockers, map problems, animation glitches, and enhancements to lighting and gameplay.