Stellaris – How to Build an Orbital Ring

A common complaint among Stellaris players is that starbases lose their effectiveness in the mid-game compared to fleet power levels. This makes investing in starbase weapons seem like a waste of resources since they won’t pose a challenge to enemies. However, with the introduction of the Orbital Ring megastructure in the Overlord DLC by Paradox, starbases now have additional support. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about Orbital Rings in Stellaris.

How to Build an Orbital Ring in Stellaris

To build the Orbital Ring in Stellaris, you first need to unlock the Orbital Rings Technology. This requires building the Starhold, Ceramo-Metal Infrastructure, and Galactic Administration technologies, which are relatively easy to research. Once you have completed these projects, you can begin constructing your first Orbital Ring.

Building Your First Orbital Ring

To build an Orbital Ring, you’ll need a construction ship, a colonized planet within your borders, and the resources to pay for it. The cost of the initial construction stage is 1000 alloys, 50 influence, and 720 days. Unlike other megastructures, there is no construction site phase; once your construction ship completes the work, the Ring is ready for use.

Choose a colonized world for the Orbital Ring to orbit, such as your home planet or any other claimed planet. Send your construction ship to the system containing the chosen planet and select the build megastructure icon on the ship interface menu. From the megastructure menu, select Orbital Ring and left-click on the desired planet. You’ll know it’s a valid selection when the planet displays a green target marker. Your construction ship will then begin building the Orbital Ring, which will be completed after 720 days.

Why Build Orbital Rings

Unlike other megastructures, you can build multiple Orbital Rings, so long as you have colonized worlds. However, it’s important to note that while they can provide increased fire rate and weapons range bonuses, they won’t save your system from substantial threats. Orbital Rings are mainly useful for turtle-style defense strategies, where fleets are positioned in choke point systems supported by an Orbital Ring and starbase.

The primary reason to build Orbital Rings is for their planetary bonuses. These bonuses can enhance resource production, create additional jobs, increase envoys, trade value, and even help manage slaves. Over time, the production bonuses will ensure that the Ring pays for itself.

Additionally, just like starbases and other megastructures, Orbital Rings can be upgraded to provide more module slots, building slots, weaponry, defense platforms, increased weapons range, and more hit points. Upgrades require research and a high-quality planet. Upgraded orbital rings are essential for unlocking resource production buildings for your planets.

Overall, when it comes to building Orbital Rings, it’s best to view them as a long-term project that you gradually add to your planets as resources allow. Once your empire reaches the post-scarcity phase, you can start building them everywhere to further strengthen your economy.

That’s everything you need to know about Orbital Rings in Stellaris. If you have any questions or suggestions about this guide, please let us know in the comments section below. Happy building!