Where is the Khuzdul Forge in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

In Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, Unlocking and Building the Khuzdul Forge

In the game Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, players have the opportunity to unlock and build the Khuzdul Forge, a unique station in the game. Unlike other forges, the Khuzdul Forge cannot be found and repaired but must be constructed by the player themselves. To unlock the crafting recipe for the forge, players must reach the end of the Lower Deeps section of the game. This means that players who do not wish to spoil any surprises should continue playing until they reach this point.

Unlocking the Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria

To unlock the blueprint for the Khuzdul Forge, players must first light the Great Belegost Forge. Once this is done, players can smelt Shanor Ingots in their furnace to unlock the building recipes for both the Khuzdul Forge and the Ufuhan Furnace.

Building the Khuzdul Forge in Return to Moria

Building the Khuzdul Forge requires several advanced materials. Players will need 15 Adamant, 10 Khazad Steel Ingots, 10 Resin, and 18 Ironwood. Gathering these materials may seem daunting, but there are ways to obtain each resource. Once enough of each material has been collected, the forge can be constructed like any other structure. However, players should ensure it is placed in a safe location as it may be targeted by enemies in the event of a siege.

Finding Resin in Return to Moria

Resin is readily available throughout the Mines of Moria, so players should have no trouble finding it. If additional resin is needed, players can explore the Lower Deeps section of the Mines of Moria for more.

Finding Ironwood in Return to Moria

There are two ways to obtain Ironwood in Return to Moria. Players can scavenge the city of Dwarrodelf for furniture made from Ironwood, or they can enchant an axe with the Yarog-luthnul rune. The latter option requires 3 Emeralds and provides a chance to obtain Ironwood when destroying trees that provide wood. Ironwood farming is most effective in the Lower Deeps.

Finding Adamant in Return to Moria

Adamant is a rare material found in the gold-hosting deposits of the Lower Deeps and the various passages branching off Dwarrodelf. Players will need a Tier 4 Pickaxe, such as the Quarrymaster, to mine Adamant.

Smelting Khazad Steel Ingots in Return to Moria

Khazad Steel Ingots can be forged or found. Orcs and Uruks have a chance to drop ingots upon defeat, so players can utilize the troll in the Chamber of Mazarbul to farm them. Additionally, Khazad Steel Ingots can be found in Orc Chests in the orc settlement of Dwarrodelf. Players can also forge the ingots in the Ufuhan Furnace using 6 gold and 3 iron.

Building the Ufuhan Furnace may seem expensive since players have already invested in the Khuzdul Forge, but it is recommended to gather enough Ironwood to build both structures. With the necessary materials, players can create the Khuzdul Forge and begin smithing legendary weapons and armor.

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