How to restore Ranger Journals in Return to Moria

Exploring Moria in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

As you journey through Moria in the game Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, keep an eye out for Ranger Journals scattered in old Ranger campsites. These journals contain valuable secrets that will aid you in your quest and benefit you as a Dwarf.

Where to find Ranger Journals and Pages in Return to Moria

Discovering a Ranger Journal or Journal Page for the first time in Return to Moria is an exciting moment. Each page specifies its origin, indicating that there are numerous journals and pages spread across Moria. Some pages have been ripped out and lost, adding a layer of challenge to the task of finding them.

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A Ranger Journal is incomplete without a select number of pages, and it’s up to you to locate and restore them. There are more Journal Pages than necessary, so rest assured that you’ll find the pages you need in the specified areas.

Ranger Journals can be found in small, rundown campsites marked by small green stones on the floor. Keep exploring the designated area to stumble upon the journal.

Restoring Ranger Journals in Return to Moria

To restore a Ranger Journal, you must collect the corresponding Journal Pages. Once you have enough pages for a specific journal, you can proceed to restore it.

Restoring the journal will reward you with two things: valuable lore and a new brew recipe!

Drinking Brew In Return To Moria
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With the restoration of the journal, you gain access to a new beverage. Dwarves are known for their love of brew, so be sure to build the Brew Kettle in your base if you haven’t already. Each brew recipe learned from the Ranger Journals provides significant benefits, such as stat boosts like increased damage resistance, making you stronger and more capable. Consider them as potions tailored specifically for Dwarves.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you in your adventures, fellow Dwarf. May you uncover all the delightful Ranger brews in no time.

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