How to get Ray Gun Schematic in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

How to Acquire the Ray Gun Schematic in Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ)

If you want to survive the hordes of zombies and NPCs in Modern Warfare Zombies, you’ll need all the protection and firepower you can get. One iconic weapon that can turn the tide of battle is the Ray Gun. Here’s how you can get its schematic in MWZ.

To acquire the Ray Gun schematic, you’ll need to undertake a bounty in the Tier 3 Region. Expect a tough fight as zombies will not go down easily. Make sure you’re well-equipped and consider finding Napalm Burst or Brain Rot ammo mods to aid you. The specific bounty you’re looking for will involve taking down a Mega Abomination. Keep in mind that while this bounty will appear in the Tier 3 Region, it might not always be the Mega Abomination. If that’s the case, consider exfiltrating and trying again.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

When you finally encounter the Mega Abomination, be prepared for a grueling battle. Ensure you have powerful gear that can deal significant damage. Aim for the head and chest, but maintain a safe distance. If you have access to AoE damage items like Molotov Cocktails, make use of them as the residual damage can be quite effective. After defeating the boss, you may obtain the schematic needed to craft the Ray Gun, if it drops. Otherwise, consider searching for mystery boxes or Acquisition Stashes where it might appear. Finally, exfiltrate without succumbing to the undead horde.

Crafting the Ray Gun

Assuming you survive the encounter, access your Gear section in the loadout and locate the schematic in your Rucksack. The Ray Gun is categorized as a Wonder Weapon and will have its own tab. Select the tab and initiate the crafting process. Keep in mind that Wonder Weapons always require schematics before they can be crafted.

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