Risk of Rain Returns Strange Battery

Risk of Rain Returns: A Guide to Unlocking the Strange Battery

Risk of Rain Returns has a wide variety of items that can greatly impact your gameplay, with the Strange Battery being one of the most mysterious and challenging to obtain. If you’re curious about what the Strange Battery is and how to use it, read on for our comprehensive guide.

What is the Strange Battery in Risk of Rain Returns

The Strange Battery is a unique item that is not easily found in the game, but it serves a very specific purpose. Similar to Risk of Rain 2, the Strange Battery in Risk of Rain Returns is used to unlock the 16th secret survivor, Robomando. However, obtaining this robot soldier is no easy task and requires some specific steps to be completed.

How to Get & Use the Strange Battery in Risk of Rain Returns

Firstly, you’ll need to find the Strange Battery, which spawns in the fifth zone, Temple of the Elders. Make sure you are playing on Drizzle difficulty and do not have the Artifact of Sacrifice equipped, as this can affect the spawn of the battery. Once found, the battery can be used to unlock the secret survivor, Robomando, in a subsequent run.

Unlocking Robomando

To unlock Robomando, you’ll need to complete a series of tasks while navigating through different zones in the game. This includes placing the Strange Battery in a specific location and starting a new playthrough on a higher difficulty. Once these steps are completed, you will have the chance to unlock Robomando as a playable survivor.

How Robomando Works in Risk of Rain Returns

Robomando comes with a range of unique and powerful abilities, making him a valuable addition to your survivor roster. His abilities include piercing and stun effects with his basic attacks, increased speed, temporary invulnerability, and the ability to open chests and activate drones for free with a short cooldown. Overall, unlocking Robomando is well worth the effort as he brings a new level of gameplay to Risk of Rain Returns.