Payday 3 bringing back two “classic” Payday 2 heists in November update

Payday 3 Update: Classic Heists Coming to Payday 3

Developer Starbreeze is set to bring two classic Payday 2 heists to the newest installment, Payday 3, through a free update later this month. This update aims to provide players with a sense of nostalgia and excitement by incorporating the popular ‘Legacy Heists’ from Payday 2 into the new game, with improved gameplay and reimagined elements. The heists making a comeback are Cook Off and Turbid Station.

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Beyond the Legacy Heists, the forthcoming update will introduce numerous additional enhancements, including a new skill line called ‘The Transporter’, brand new first person interaction animations, weapon inspect animations, added Infamy Points to heist payouts, and the “Under Wraps” mask and “Compact7 Lycan” preset weapon. Composer Gustavo Coutinho will also contribute new music to the game, along with over 200 bug fixes and various balancing and quality of life improvements.

Stay tuned for more details on Payday 3’s upcoming update, as well as the release date, as Starbreeze plans to share further information closer to the launch.

Image credit: Starbreeze

While this exciting update is on the horizon, it’s important to acknowledge the game’s rocky start. Payday 3 faced significant issues upon launch, with matchmaking problems and online-only requirements causing frustration among players. The first major patch also experienced delays before being released earlier this month. Starbreeze has since issued an apology for the delays and expressed its commitment to creating a game that will be supported for years to come, highlighting its dedication to making Payday 3 a transformative gaming experience.