Super Mario RPG Melody Bay music puzzle solutions

Super Mario RPG Tadpole Pond Music Puzzle: How to Unlock Song Rewards

In Super Mario RPG, players will have the opportunity to test their music knowledge through the Tadpole Pond music puzzle in Melody Bay. Upon arrival in Melody Bay, heading to the right and stepping on the stone will reveal tadpoles swimming on a musical chart. Players can stop the movement of the tadpoles by jumping on them, allowing them to draft a melody. Composing specific melodies will result in earning rewards, making it worthwhile to revisit Melody Bay and play new songs for the local composer. If the timing is missed to jump on the tadpole, it will swim back and forth between the lines. Playing each song will unlock better healing items to purchase from The Juice Bar in Tadpole Pond.

Tadpole Pond Puzzle Solutions and Rewards

The first song at Melody Bay is Frogfucius’ Suite #18. By arranging the tadpoles according to the notes given by a nearby tadpole, players can obtain an Alto Card, granting them membership to The Juice Bar, where they can purchase Frogleg Cola for 42 coins each, recovering 80 HP for the entire party.

The second song, Mole Mountain Blues, can be played after saving the two mole children and obtaining the third star. By setting up the tadpoles correctly, players can earn the Tenor Card, allowing them to purchase Finless Cola for 90 coins each, recovering 150 HP for the entire party.

The final song, Monstro Town Melody, becomes available after visiting Monstro Town, speaking to the mayor, and listening to the Pink Starfish upstairs in his home. Setting up the tadpoles appropriately will result in obtaining the Soprano Card, enabling players to buy Croaka Cola for 200 coins from The Juice Bar, fully restoring the party’s HP.

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