Should Games Like Lethal Company Pander to Phobias, and Where Should the Line Be Drawn?

Recent Demand to Remove Lethal Company Spiders Draws Controversy

It’s no secret that some players have been debating whether the Lethal Company developers should accommodate a request to “turn off the spiders” in the game. This debate has sparked discussions about the role of accessibility in video games, particularly in the horror genre. While some argue that games should cater to individual needs, others believe that removing core mechanics of the game compromises its integrity.

Harmless horror

A fundamental requirement of horror games is to evoke fear in players. The recent request to disable spiders in Lethal Company was met with backlash from many players. This debate is not unique to Lethal Company, as other games like Hogwarts Legacy and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor have implemented an Arachnophobia mode. However, some argue that removing elements of fear from horror games undermines the core experience.

Keep bending, and it’ll break

Another important point to consider is where to draw the line when accommodating players’ fears in horror games. Adding accessibility options for phobias could lead to a snowball effect, where games lose their essence and no longer belong to the horror genre entirely. While inclusivity is important, developers may face challenges when determining which fears are worth adjusting the game for.

Maybe Lethal Company isn’t the one

It’s crucial for players to be aware of a game’s content before deciding to play it. Instead of requesting changes to a game that features common phobias, players should consider exploring other games that align with their preferences. While inclusivity is vital, there are many game genres available that can be enjoyed without triggering phobias.

Creating an inclusive game for all

Zeekerss, a small game developer, faces the challenge of drawing a broad audience while also making players feel welcomed and accommodated. It is crucial for developers to consider inclusivity, as it helps in broadening the game’s audience and building a loyal fanbase. The addition of accessibility options is polarizing, as some players believe it compromises the game’s integrity.

Accessibility is nothing new

Accessibility features in video games have been a common practice for many years. This includes colorblind modes, trigger warnings, and adjustable frame rates. The option to remove spiders from Lethal Company has sparked controversy, as it raises concerns about compromising the horror genre’s core mechanics.


Ultimately, the controversy surrounding requests to remove spiders from Lethal Company sheds light on the ongoing debate about accommodating player fears in horror games. While inclusivity is important, it is essential to preserve the integrity of the horror genre by ensuring that core mechanics remain intact.