Prepare For Final Fantasy VII Rebirth With New Screenshots And Remake Recap Video

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Set to Arrive in February

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set to launch in February, and as the release date approaches, Square Enix is providing players with a cinematic refresher of its predecessor, Final Fantasy VII Remake. Along with the cinematic video, the company has also released a batch of fresh screenshots and art, offering fans a first look at the Highwind airship.

Recap and Insight

In the video, Red XIII narrates the broad strokes of the 2020 adventure, providing a summary that may serve as a reminder for fans who played Remake, rather than someone entirely new to Rebirth. While the video doesn’t delve into the finer details and background of the characters, it does offer valuable insight for those eager to revisit the world of Final Fantasy VII.

It’s worth noting that the recap does not cover the events of the Intermission expansion, which introduces Yuffie, a character who joins the party in Rebirth. As a result, unfamiliar players may need to do some additional research to fully understand the game’s storyline.

Fresh Screenshots and Art

Accompanying the video, Square Enix has unveiled new images, including artwork featuring Aerith in front of the Highwind. The screenshots showcase various in-game locations such as the town of Kalm, the summon Kujata, the abandoned Mythril Mine, and a few side characters. Additionally, fans will be pleased to see Chadley making an appearance in the upcoming game.

Release Information

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is scheduled to launch on February 29 for the PlayStation 5. For those eager to see the game in action, there are two demos available to watch. Players can also read hands-on impressions of the game and gain further insight into Rebirth through an interview with Square Enix.