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Hisense U8K: A Detailed Review

Hisense has proven itself to be a strong contender in the budget television market with the U7K model. The U7K excelled in delivering exceptional value without compromising on quality. However, as Hisense attempts to compete at higher price points, minor issues become more significant when compared to other high-end televisions.

With the U8K, Hisense retains its reputation for being budget-friendly while offering added features such as more local dimming zones and a peak brightness of 1,500 nits, surpassing its predecessor, the U7K. However, as the price exceeds $1,000, it becomes essential to address certain weaknesses such as panel uniformity, viewing angles, and overall user experience. Despite these shortcomings, the U8K still presents a compelling option for those seeking a quality television.

Hisense U8K – Design and Build

Upon unpacking the U8K, it becomes evident that its design closely mirrors that of the U7K. Both models share similarities in the input layout, feet, cable management, and thin border frame. However, a notable drawback is the limited cable management which poses a challenge when utilizing multiple high-end HDMI 2.1 cables.

The TV itself features a sleek, minimalistic front panel with a brushed silver bar at the bottom, hosting the Hisense logo. However, the inclusion of a microphone and bright yellow lights raises concerns regarding privacy and unnecessary distractions.

Hisense U8K – The Remote

The U8K remote closely resembles its predecessor, with minor alterations. It offers convenient access to streaming services and applications without unnecessary clutter.

Hisense U8K – Software and UI

Hisense utilizes Google TV for its operating system, ensuring a wide range of apps are available for the user. The software’s responsive and smooth performance is somewhat compromised in the U8K model, with occasional delays and unresponsive interactions. Despite this, the U8K offers an extensive array of picture options and HDR support, catering to the individual viewing preferences.

Hisense U8K – Picture Quality

One of the standout features of the U8K is its improved picture quality, providing a higher number of dimming zones and a peak brightness of 1,500 nits. This enhancement ensures exceptional contrast and brightness, particularly for HDR content, delivering a truly captivating viewing experience.

Ultimately, the Hisense U8K presents itself as a compelling option for those seeking value without compromising on quality. While it may have certain limitations, such as cable management and UI responsiveness, its overall performance and picture quality make it a noteworthy contender in the television market.