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Welcome back to the Nintendo Life Mailbox

It’s November and we’re knee-deep in new releases as publishers scramble to get their games live on the Switch eShop ahead of the lucrative Holiday season. We’ve been averaging over a review a day here on Nintendo Life since September and we’re still not able to cover everything we’d like. So. Many. Games! But enough complaining about all the great games we’re not able to play because of all the great games we’re playing — it’s time for our monthly letters page feature. Got something you want to get off your chest? We’re ready and waiting to read about your game-related ponderings. Each month we’ll highlight a Star Letter, the writer of which will receive a month’s subscription to our ad-free Supporter scheme. Check out the submission guidelines at the bottom of this page. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Regular Rhythm

Over the last few years my game playing has settled into a regular rhythm. Thanks to birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, October through December is the busiest time of year for my family.This is when I spend the least time playing video games.Interestingly, I find that I look forward to this season just as much as any other. The games I do play are all bite-sized: a few minutes of picross, pinball, or something similarly simple here or there completely satisfy me. Even more importantly, I use the time I’m not spending gaming to enjoy other things in life. Then, when I do eventually feel ready to dive into a more complex game, the resulting experience is that much richer after being away for a while.I’d like to know: does anyone else take a “vacation” from video games from time to time? Is this what “getting old” feels like?


Nah, ‘getting old’ feels like not having the hours in the day to play the latest hotness, and then using the precious time you do find blasting through something you first played decades ago. That sounds like a great way to approach things — taking healthy time away to really savour and appreciate games when you come back to them. I think the answers you’d get from NL staff (and anyone else who makes a living writing about games) will inevitably be skewed with this one, though. Any time away from games that I take — especially now with GOTY looming when there are literally dozens of games to play — tends to make me uneasy! There’s a professional duty to be familiar with as much as possible, but when work bleeds into leisure, it’s easy for anxiety and dissatisfaction to take over. Sometimes you’ve just got to disconnect and accept that, nope, I’m not going to get to that one. Here’s to a healthy balance! Have a month’s worth of Supporter subscription on us.


The Backlog

I always thought it would be a great idea to remake all the mother games in the style of live a live and others! I just think it would be so perfect! What about you guys? Would you want that? Do you like the style in which live a live was brought back? Snatcher

That would be a good idea. I also wouldn’t mind seeing them in the style of Grezzo’s Link’s Awakening remake. Or with the original pixel style but blown out with mod-cons and widescreen. Or the original ROMS emulated in a nice package. Or just an official Mother 3 release thrown on NSO in any form whatsoever. Or… – Ed.

Joycon Strap

I recently put my joycon strap through the washing machine by mistake lol. That has made me wonder; have any of you ever accidentally put an electronic device through the washing machine? If so, what was it, and did it work afterwards?


DiamondCore’s sparkling post-wash Joy-Con strap — Image: Polytron Electronics? No. A red sock that I got with a bottle of Beefeater went in with my whites last year. Fortunately, the freebie gin socks were nasty non-cotton jobbies, so the dye didn’t run and my white tees remained so. It’s a good story, glad I told it. – Ed.

“I once put one of those teeny tiny iPod Shuffles through the washing machine and it worked good as new afterwards – plus, the headphones had a wonderful ‘Fresh Lavender’ scent.” – Jim

The Zeldies

So those new Nintendo patents are something, huh. To be quite frank, I’m not sure I agree with the sentiment some have that Nintendo should move back to dual screens. As nostalgic as I am for the days of the 3DS and Wii U, thinking about the fact two screens would most definitely require the power of a new system to be compromised like the Wii U game pad was, and how that would make the job of third party devs and getting ports of games beyond the marios and the zeldies less likely, I’ve found myself hoping for once Nintendo takes the “boring” option of single screen gaming. Some say more is better, but I guess I don’t?


I don’t think a return to two screens is on the cards, either. I could see them working in some optional gimmick where you can connect two consoles together for some interesting multiplayer opportunities, perhaps. Those few examples of local wireless play (like Super Mario Party) where two Switch screens can interact always felt fun, and Nintendo is all about encouraging real-world, local interactions between players. Also, it’s a subtle push to get a second console in the household — look at the fun you could be having with two Switch 2s, eh!? I wasn’t sure if ‘zeldies’ was a typo, but I like it and plan to adopt it as the official plural for Zelda games on the site. – Ed.


I’m replaying the Galaxy games, 1 on Switch and 2 on Wii U VC. I beat the entirety of 1 without seeing the game over screen, and then in 2 get a game over in the first hour on Flip-Swap Galaxy because the motion controls don’t respond! Wishing Galaxy 2 was in 3D All Stars more than ever right now.


In general, Wiimotes were always far more reliable than Joy-Con for me, but maybe I’ve got something peculiar in my living room that messes with the signal. And yes. If waggle came to whack, it’s Galaxy 2>Galaxy 1 for me. Just. – Ed.

Bonus Letters

We’re light on the bonus letters this month — the entire mailbag was lighter than usual this month, so be sure to get your correspondence in early for next month’s article. Probably all the video games distracting you. Anyhow, here’s a brief word from Kirbyo: “Wonder isn’t about drugs: it’s about music” – Kirbyo Could be about both. Hell of a combo, that. – Ed.

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