Dungeon Hunter 6 Tier List (Best Lieutenants)

Dungeon Hunter 6 takes place 200 years after the brave sacrifice of the Bounty Hunters. Evil has yet again risen from the ashes, threatening Valenthia. You need to create a team of the best Lieutenants to clear these malevolent forces of Forbidden Towers. And this Dungeon Hunter 6 tier list has ranked the Lieutenants for you. Use it to create the best team.

The game allows you to customize your heroes piece by piece. So no matter the element or attributes of the Lieutenant, you can customize the way you want. You’ll even find many legendary heroes of the past. And there are tons of unique places to explore. So create the best team with this tier list and embark on the adventure.

Dungeon Hunter 6 Tier List – Best Lieutenants Ranked

Image Credit: Dungeon Hunter 6 Facebook

There aren’t any bad Lieutenants in the game. Some are just better than others. And due to that, we haven’t added the D tier. All heroes are ranked from the S+ tier to the C tier:

S+ Tier

From element to the attributes, Lieutenants of this tier offer the best in all. Getting them at the early stage will make the progress fastest.

  • Archmage Herbert
  • Delphyne
  • Ser Charlie

S Tier

Heroes of this tier are also comparable to the above one. They can be built to compete and win against any enemies, including the bosses.

  • Flame Lord
  • Bridget
  • Demonic Wolf
  • Ruins Guardian
  • Harbinger Wyvern

A+ Tier

When customized they give the best results. But even without that, they are extremely helpful.

  • Death Knight
  • Agony Interrogator
  • Cabal Hellcaller
  • Infernal Cerberus
  • Frost Colossus

A Tier

They might not be as good as the above ones, but they are powerful. Their progression is also decent. And can be used for multiple purposes.

  • Haliburt Alemead
  • Karwood
  • Olivia
  • Big Mouth Huron
  • Wilhelm Ironarm
  • Ravager
  • Rime Lady
  • Mountain Giant

B Tier

Not the worst, but not the best. You can use them as a beginner to practice and even add them to the team when needed. If you need a hero with a certain element and don’t have any of the above ones, you can use these:

  • Winged Terror
  • Nora
  • Karleta
  • Roth
  • Skeleton Archer
  • Red Protoceratop
  • Necronomicon
  • Valen Sentinel

C Tier

As we have said before, they are not the worst, but not as powerful as others. You can use them if they suit your game style.

  • Terrorfiend
  • Barbek
  • Mahasti
  • Astarak
  • Treant

That’s all on the Dungeon Hunter 6 tier list. Now, if you are low on resources to upgrade the heroes, use our codes for this game to get some freebies. Also, if you found this ranking useful and are looking for similar exploration adventure games and tier lists, you should check our mobile game guides. We have covered many games with similar themes.