Where to find the Band of Smiles in Coral Island

Coral Island: How to Find Band of Smiles Location

When playing Coral Island, it can be easy to get lost at certain points in the game, particularly with quests like the Mythical Dream or the Band of Smiles. If you’re struggling to find the location of the Band of Smiles, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to find them.

As you start exploring the caverns and battling monsters, you’ll receive a letter in the mail. The letter states that if you defeat 30 monsters, you’ll pass the test and be able to join the Band of Smiles. However, the letter briefly mentions the guild’s location, and it’s easy to forget after taking on the monster-fighting challenge. The Band of Smiles in Coral Island can be found to the right of Kira’s house.

I received the letter from Kira on Spring 14 after reaching level 10 of the mines. Once you complete that quest, check your map to locate Kira’s house, which is northwest of your farm.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

After defeating 30 monsters and nearing Kira’s house, you’ll be automatically prompted with a cutscene where your character walks towards the green cellar door leading underground, the entrance to the guild.

Once inside, the initiation ceremony with Kira and the gang will begin, and you’ll be granted a B.O.S. Badge. This unique item grants you access to B.O.S. Guild rooms, allowing you to take on specific Errands from the B.O.S. job board, which may involve gathering resources and defeating monsters in the caverns.

Where To Find The Band Of Smiles In Coral Island Shop
Screenshot: PC Invasion

You can also purchase various items from the guild store, including Monster Lures, Rope, weapons, and even Explosives. However, the most exciting things to buy here are Rings, each with their own special abilities that can aid you in the mines.

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Coral Island is available on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5.