Where to find Peach’s crown in Super Mario RPG

Super Mario RPG – Finding Peach’s Crown

You are sure to come across a variety of mini-games while progressing through the Super Mario RPG campaign, including one that requires you to search for several items in a wedding chapel. This guide will assist you in locating Peach’s crown in Super Mario RPG.

The first time you visit Marrymore, a town centered around weddings and not far from Moleville and Booster Tower, you are on a mission to interrupt a wedding. It’s a memorable sequence that will come to a standstill if you do not know what to do upon reaching the chapel. In this area, you must recover four items that Peach misplaced when she was jostled. To locate the crown, you must inspect Booster himself.

Upon your arrival at the chapel and the events that transpire, Princess Peach misplaces several items. Without them, the wedding cannot proceed. Although you do not want her to marry Booster, you do want to keep the story moving. This means you need to locate what the nearby Sniffits refer to as her “wedding gear.”

Start by speaking with each of the three Sniffits. Typically, you might expect to have to engage in battle with them. However, these particular ones are only concerned about the upcoming wedding. Interact with them to reclaim each of the first three items before you search for the crown.

Booster is in possession of the crown. It’s not immediately obvious. During my visit, I scoured the entire corridor, inspecting each row of pews. I even attempted to leave for the lobby, but the game prevented me from doing so. Clearly, the crown was nearby and I had simply overlooked it. Then, I noticed that Booster’s head looked slightly different than usual. He was wearing a crown. Coincidence? I think not!

If you speak to Booster, he doesn’t seem to be aware of the crown. This is in line with his character, as Booster seems to be unaware of many things. Jump on his head to jog his memory. If done correctly, your leap will dislodge the crown and allow the events to move forward.

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