How to beat Brightside in Knuckle Sandwich

Knuckle Sandwich has an impressive array of characters, and one of the standouts is Brightside. However, his seemingly endless health pool can be quite intimidating for players.

When facing Brightside, it’s natural to balk at the sight of his health bar. But fear not, there’s a way to defeat him.

How to prepare for Brightside in Knuckle Sandwich

Brightside acts like a boss, and his unique battle style and high health pool may make it tempting to stock up on items. But trust me, you don’t want to use any items during the fight. I won’t reveal why, but take my word for it: Brightside is not worth sacrificing a healing item. It’s also unnecessary to grind enemies to level up before facing him.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

This is because the fight won’t last until you defeat him. Brightside will not stick around for a fight-to-the-death. So, conserve your items and outlast him.

Brightside’s Smooth Moves in Knuckle Sandwich

Fighting Brightside in Knuckle Sandwich is a unique and entertaining experience. It’s the first proper fight against him, and you’ll have to survive more than fifteen rounds of his attacks.

The first two attacks from Brightside are regular attacks. You’ll need to dodge right after he signals the attack. The first attack won’t have a warning, so you’ll have to rely on your instincts. After a few attempts, you should develop a sense for his attacks.

His subsequent attacks will be in the mini-game format, such as chasing you in a mini field. These attacks are easy to avoid, but be cautious of his second iteration where he shoots arrows at you. Simply moving around will help you evade his attacks.

Attacking In Knuckle Sandwich
Screenshot: PC Invasion

At certain intervals, Brightside will pause to think, and you can focus on attacking him and raising your defense during those turns.

The “Jank Attack” is a game of rock, paper, scissors, and it operates similarly. Be mindful as he will change his pick after you’ve made yours. For an easier time, try to match his selection to have more draws.

The next attack type involves counting the number of Brightsides on the screen. They will move and appear in different colors to confuse you. When a Brightside moves off-screen, don’t count it twice.

Brightside also introduces a slot machine attack, which relies on luck. Stop each lane and hope for a favorable outcome.

In a surprise move, Brightside mimics someone else’s attack, which could be any random attack. So, be prepared for the unexpected!

Brightside Attack In Knuckle Sandwich
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Finally, he unleashes the “Bang Bang” attack, where he hurls bombs at you. These bombs are quite damaging, so be extra cautious. Circulating the arena is an effective way to avoid these bombs.

After enduring the Bang Bang attacks, the fight will conclude, and Brightside will retreat.

Beating Brightside in Knuckle Sandwich

While battling Brightside, you’ll notice that your attacks inflict minimal damage, and dodging his attacks deals more damage to him. This indicates that the objective is not to defeat him, but to amuse him.

It’s possible, although unconfirmed, that you could miss all your shots and wait for Brightside to leave. However, I recommend engaging in the fight each time, even if it’s just for extra practice with combo attacks.

All you need to do is focus on evading his attacks until he grows weary. Therefore, refrain from using any items or skills.

I hope this has reassured you, and you’ll be able to conquer the most formidable criminal in Knuckle Sandwich.

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